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Plague Bearer
August 2010
Released: 2010, No List Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Apparently Vilipend means to treat with disdain or contempt. Who says you can’t learn anything from Heavy Metal? Well, I certainly don’t have disdain or contempt for this young band from Toronto, in fact they are decent.

Plague Bearer is a three song EP clocking in at a dozen minutes, so first complaint would be it’s too short! However, these three cuts serve as a taster for things to come, one would hope.

Vilipend defy immediate and easy categorization, so that is quite possibly a good thing for more open-minded people who appreciate all forms of heavy music. Other more conventional fans might have a harder time trying to figure out where the band is coming from. What I’m hearing from this power-trio is a crazy amalgamation of punk, grind, doom and just crazy levels of heaviness. It’s modern and progressive but also sounds like good Metal should sound, dangerous, abrasive and challenging.

I’m not a punk fan in the slightest but I can handle a bit of crossover and this certainly has crossover potential. Not in the DRI or Suicidal Tendencies cross-over vein, but just hints in the vocals and the flailing drums that are quick and crashing, but not fast or heavy. It’s also missing any semblance of solos which is something I always listen for.

It took me quite a few listens (good thing it is only 12 minutes long!) before I could wrap my head around it. I ‘get’ it but I’m not fully committed. It’s heavy, it’s avante-garde, it’s progressive, well executed but it sits on the fringes of what I truly enjoy listening too on a regular basis. Vilipend has my attention, but not my sympathy.
Track Listing

1. Plague Bearer
2. Magnificent Desolation
3. Dulling Silver


Michael J. Crossley- Vocals, Bass
Derek J. Del Vecchio- Guitar, Vocals
Christopher J. Gramlich-Misc.
Adam W. McGillivray-Drums

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