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Vile Vindiction
November 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Jim Nickles, who is one of the original founding members of Malevolent Creation, has put together his own band called Vile Vindiction, and I guess it doesn´t come as too big a surprise to anyone that Vile Vindiction also sounds a bit like Malevolent Creation, and Slayer, which has always been a huge inspiration for Jim personally.

With these strong musical ingredients in their deep pockets, the Vile Vindiction members locked themselves in the studio at the end of August and recorded 5 songs for this self-titled EP, which just lately was unleashed.

The band does their heavily M.C./Slayer tinged, blistering and old school death metal in a very admirable way, simply almost trying to avoid sounding innovative or groundbreaking or whatever - just counting on all those things where they can be at their best, and that´s the US death metal sound of the early ´80s. Jim´s wicked solo work also has this certain yet familiar feel from which one can tell about his love toward Slayer´s direction, and riff-wise, one is able to find similar elements that can be found from Malevolent´s 1st two albums, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and RETRIBUTION. Overall Vile Vindiction have taken things back to the roots, stepping out like true champions, and hammering down old-fashioned and cleverly arranged death metal that gets its listener´s instant love immediately - especially among the ones that rate those two aforementioned acts highly in their own books.

Vile Vindiction´s relatively young vocalist, Kris, also sounds like a man whose presence as the band´s frontman is necessary based on how well he´s able to adjust his growls and shrieks to the songs of the band. He´s like a professional actor in how he is able to follow the main script of Vile Vindiction, scene by scene - and as accurately as it can only be possible. And whilst the other guys seem to do their best in order to make a somewhat perfect match together with Kris´ hateful vocal assault on this EP, the whole band can proudly and victoriously march forward toward the next battle ahead of them, which will hopefully come in the form of the band´s first full-length debut album in the (near) future.

Vile Vindiction will crush you… As a matter of fact, they do pretty much so if this 5-song EP can is any indicator of that.
Track Listing

01. Life Lost
02. Puritanical Winterlight
03. Your Honor
04. Death Wrapped in Plastic
05. Burn Inside


Kris Poole - Vocals
Jim Nickles - Guitar
George Grant - Guitar
Chad Cogar - Bass
Evan Leuer - Drums

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