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Vicious Art
December 2004
Released: 2004, Threeman Recordings
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I never believed I would ever see that day when I admitted it to myself that Sweden indeed rules. I mean especially when it comes to new line-ups of ex-band members of some known metal bands coming out from the Swedish metal scene. One of these so-called newcomers in the vast field of the very impressive Swedish metal scene is undoubtedly Vicious Art.

Giving a short glance to the line-up of Vicious Art which features Matti Mäkelä on guitar (ex-Dark Funeral), Robert Lundin on drums (ex-Dark Funeral), Jocke Widfeldt behind the mic (ex-Dominion Caligula, ex-Obscurity Sthlm), Tobbe Sillman (ex-Guidance of Sin, ex-The Dead on the 2nd guitar) and Jörgen Sandström, the master of 4-stringer (ex-Grave, Ex-Entombed, etc.) you start becoming a bit curious about them, donìt you? Another Swedish all star death metal project? Well, yeah, possibly for some of you, but I couldn’t care any less about that because the music should be that primary thing that matters most anyway, of course!

Vicious Art, consisting of a quite well-known line-up like their countrymen Bloodbath, somehow manages to sound a bit like Bloodbath. Especially this comparison can be directed toward Bloodbath’s second album FLESH MADE SIN. The music comes across heavy, brutal, ugly, uncompromising, ruthless, tight and pretty fuckin’ entertaining. It offers nothing new or groundbreaking to anyone, but still succeeds in bringing a healthy dose of Swedish death metal to listeners that is not to meant to kick your balls tenderly in the first place at all. Vicious Art don’t wanna share their deadly brutal and lethally heavy bits of death metal any unexpected way, but mostly concentrate on giving you a lesson with a brick straight to your forehead. I believe youìll just love to be hurt by them, so allow them to come to your living room and set up a little chaos in there.

A very good production also supports the songs nicely on FIRE FALLS & THE WAITING WATERS (a rather genius title if you ask from me). We are talking about a decent and pleasing death metal package here after all. A good purchase for a death metal fan. Get this.
Track Listing

01. Debria Seems to Be Bleeding
02. Komodo Lights
03. Fire Falls
04. A Whistler and His Gun
05. Ceremony, the Waiting Waters
06. Mother Dying
07. The Poet Must Die
08. Cut This Heathen
09. War
10. Why Would the Captured Set Free the Flies


Jocke Widfeldt – Vocals
Matti Mäkelä – Guitar
Tobbe Sillman – Guitar
Jörgen Sandström – Bass
Robert Lundin - Drums

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