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Vetus Obscurum
Blood Revelations
December 2009
Released: 2009, Debemur-Morti
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

The brainchild of Numinas, a dude that's played drums, guitar, and bass for his main project Krohm, has resurrected a former project in Vetus Obscurum, another Black Metal arrangement not much different than the former. A Seattle based group featuring Numinas playing all the instruments again and two vocalists, their new mini album BLOOD REVELATIONS features early 90s Norwegian styled Black Metal with quick riffing and few melodies.

Enveloped in a cold atmosphere, very dreary yet pulverizing, Vetus Obscurum flirt with the primordial origins of the sound, almost like a present day Blues guitarist, given that the Blues man works happily within the confines of his genre. So it is with these North Westerners. They explore the early Black Metal approach, never venturing outside the simple technique or cold spirit of the old corpse paint era. Numinas deserves some props, especially for some of his guitar work, like the paragon outro on 'The Omen From The East'. The man is very adept, employing all the instruments on his own.

Still, the record comes across as very boring, lacking the essence and attitude of the architects of the early sound. There's almost a cover band feel. However not all is lost, because it probably is what it's supposed to be, a scrutiny of Black Metal, not meant to reinvent the wheel nor open pathways for the progression of the genre. It's a Black Metal record not unlike that which you've heard before, and that's probably all Vetus Obscurum are trying to do.
Track Listing

1 - Vetus Obscurum
2 - The Omen From The East
3 - Antidote To Humanity
4 - Blood Revelations


Numinas - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Death - Vocals
Nihilist - Vocals

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