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Valkyrie's Cry
June 2009
Released: 2009, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Valkyrie´s Cry hails from Toronto, Canada, and they play pure and straight heavy metal from their heart, probably even crossing the borders of power metal from time to time. They have already released one demo 5-track demo BLACK KNIGHT in 2005 that has at least grabbed the immediate attention of German Pure Steel Records because the band is preparing to get their debut full-length album out on this German true metal label (as it is known nowadays around the world).

These 4 Canadian metallers' 10-song (with an intro), self-titled debut album is now reality anyway, and even if they are probably not the most technical players on the face of this world - and their album suffers from a relatively bad production, it´s hard to ignore all that energy that comes across through their energetic playing of old school heavy/power metal that clearly reeks of sheer enthusiasm and dedication toward this particular style of metal.

Dip Evil, the vocalist and frontman of Valkyrie´s Cry, has got a good range of vocals; his aggressive singing style with some good attempts to try out a higher register of his vocals, sound fine within the band´s own heavy metal manifestation, while the other members of his team try to support the band´s vision to be the most badass sounding heavy metal band the best they can. And speaking of things related to a term ´badass´, I think Lord Justin Godin is just a badass guitarist. His soloing is thoroughly impressive on this record, and overall it´s hard to say a bad word about the backfire given by Lord Killian on bass and Kaveh on drums.

A minor problem for them is that they really don´t have any stand-out tracks on this record. It also seems Godin´s over-soloing steals a bit too much space out from their music, kind of placing him in the center of the limelight more often than it´s necessary in terms of giving an opportunity to the songs to stand out alone. That something they should be working on in the future, I guess.

Straight and aggressive old school heavy/power metal is what you love? If so, then Valkyrie´s Cry may have something to offer for you, too.
Track Listing

01. Red Dawn
02. Iron Sword
03. Black Knight
04. Jotunheim
05. Berserker
06. Viking Warrior
07. Vortigern
08. Ride of Sleipnir
09. Blessed by the Mace
10. Valkyrie´s Cry
11. Headless Horseman


Dip Evil - Vocals
Lord Justin Godin - Guitar
Lord Kilian - Bass
Kaveh - Drums

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