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September 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“Good old times were always better...”. Well, according to that somewhat ´brave´ sentence, the name of THIS game is called ´old-school...´ and particularly old-school Death Metal. Verminous (ex-Delve) from Sweden has 5 ambitious and ´we-know-how-to make-it´-guys in the band line-up who have decided to swear in the name of an old-school (underground) Death Metal sound into vein of Grotesque, Necrovore, Incubus, Severance, etc. – mainly sounding like many aggressive and vicious American underground Death/Thrash Metal acts in the later half of the ´80s and that´s really fine with me. Even if there´s a mention in the band´s info kit that arrived along with the CD about Verminious being a Swedish mixture of both obviously old-Morbid Angel and old-Slayer musically, I wouldn´t subscribe it with that big and screaming letters at all. To be honest, I can hardly find any of those influences out of their sound unless intensity and brutality aren´t the main reference points to Verminous´ relentless and rather evil sound?

Verminous have absolutely a good thing going on as far as IMPIOUS SACRILEGE is concerned musically. For those people who were already turning rocks upside down in the early ´80s for finding some of the best hidden gems from the worldwide underground metal scene back in the day, should find Verminous´ devilish ´Dethrash´ quite appealing and satisfaction level should be reached and guaranteed relatively easily even. Everything on IMPIOUS SACRILEGE sounds like the guys haven´t even considered to explore any new grounds for this type of extreme metal, but have decided to stick to the old-school Death/Thrash Metal thing by as tight and strong grip as possible. And they have done it with an uncompromising conviction and devotion ´coz it´s really hard to become convinced that IMPIOUS SACRILEGE is actually a 2003 release and not a release from the mid/late ´80s. Short, wicked and raw guitar riffs, whipping solos, twisted and possessed vocal harmonies, etc. it´s all been included into the old-school recipe of IMPIOUS SACRILEGE and such songs as “Spawn of Satan´s Curse”, “Chanting of Ghouls”, “Of Evil Blood” and “Verminous Fluids” all speak for massive volumes of a total dedication to the ancient sounds of death, decay and blasphemy.

Verminous is an unholy piece of Devil´s work... unholier than thou, suckers of a pitch-black darkness and unnamed evilness. Watch out for them as you will be the next one on their list!
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Spawn of Satan´s Curse
03. Impious Genocide
04. Malevolent Effacement
05. Chanting of Ghouls
06. Salvation by Extermination
07. Of Evil Blood
08. Grotesque Visions
09. Rapt in Malignity
10. Verminous Fluids


Germaniac – Vocals & guitar
Pelle – Guitar
Slimer Frödeberg – Bass
Agge – Drums

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