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Vermillion Whiskey
Spirit of Tradition
January 2017
Released: Dec , Own
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I listened to this mini-album before checking out the band on Facebook and I was not surprised to read the "more pages you would like"

section of their page. Crowbar, Soilent Green and Zakk Wylde amongst others. This sums the band up perfectly. The band interests are also,

erm, interesting. Rockin' out (minus the g), guitars, drinkin' (minus the g again), casting hooks, guns, motorcycles and BBQ. I assume the BBQs

are outside in the heat, with band members drinking bottles of bud.

Enough of the introduction, what of the music? it is perfectly honed, or rather distilled (Jim Beam whiskey style) stoner music with grooving

guitars, drums with plenty of ride cymbal. The production perfectly suits the music with all instruments cutting through the mix.

The first two tracks were good but the mini-album really hits it's stride by the third track. Although I think it is because I needed a few tracks

to get into this. While staying faithful to the genre it doesn't sound like one particular band. The songs sounded quite simple at first but the

more I delved I noticed a lot of work has gone into putting the songs together. So the more you listen the more you discover. The music

can really take you to another place, especially after a few heavy hitting whiskeys.

Very good.
Track Listing

1) Road King
2) The Past is Dead
3) Come Find Me
4) Monilith
5) One Night
6) Loaded Up


Thaddeus Riordan - Vocals
Ross Brown - Guitar
Carl Stevens - Guitar
Jeremy Foret - Bass
Buck Andrus - Drums

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