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Ruatokansan Uamunkoetto
July 2008
Released: 2008, Dynamic Arts Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Verjnuarmu from the dark forests of Savo, Finland, play what they call ´Savo metal´ exclusively. And please, don´t ask from me a meaning or translation for that as I´m not that smart to fully explain what ´savolaisuus´ in general means (even if I have lived in Savo for 5 years of my life, I´m still pretty green to explain the origins of ´savolaisuus´. I guess you really need to born in Savo in order to fully understand the deepest meaning of it).

RUATOKANSAN UAMUNKOITO (uh, sounds like a little word monster to most of you, doesn´t it?), the band´s 2nd album was released on a Finnish label Dynamic Arts Records, and just like their debut album, this album contains an interesting mix of black metal, traditional metal, dark metal, thrash, folk and whatever. You go and name it. The band uses Savo-dialect to get their message through (Finns have many other dialects in their language, like Turku-dialect - the most loved dialect out of them all in Finland), so unless you are not a Finn, do not even try to understand what they say in their lyrics because even I´m having some hard times to read their lyrics well, event hough I´m fully a Finn, in flesh and blood.

Every time when some Finnish band performs folk-inspired black/dark metal on their albums, it´s always Ajattara´s name that pops up from somewhere from the back of my mind as a comparison to all these other Finnish-singing acts. Sure thing, Verjnuarmu have a few things in common with Ajattara musically, but where Ajattara have stuck to performing their Finnish-sung black metal in the meanest and harshest form, Verjnuarmu have widened their horizon far further to those places where Ajattara have never been, and will never stick their noses into. In fact, there´s so much diversity and atmosphere on this album that after a couple of spins, you still need to go back to the beginning of the album to play it again in order to get more single details fully absorbed into your mind. In a way, Verjnuarmu manage to sound fresh on their 2nd album even if this kind of stuff isn´t anything that new under the sky - not in the Finnish metal scene anyway. Despite this, Verjnuarmu sound appealing and somewhat interesting, and one is tempted to go back to this album over and over again. As of yet, I´m still deciding my favorite cuts out from the album because the band´s ´Savo metal´ sounds whole-heartedly so inexplicably fascinating and kinda interesting, yet there´s something in it that makes me to think of the Grim Reaper... What´s wrong with me?
Track Listing

01. Tulesta Pimmeyven
02. Kuu Paestaa, Kuollu Ajjaa
03. Mustan Virran Silta
04. Luita ja Hampaeta
05. Surmatun Säkkeet
06. Huaskalinnut
07. Kuhtumattomat Vieraat
08. Kirkkomuan Kansoo
09. Räähähenki
10. Kalamavesj'


Puijon Perkele - Vocals
Savon Surma - Guitar & backing vocals
Viitakemies - Guitar
Woema - Bass
Musta Savo - Drums & backing vocals

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