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Gladiator's Tale
March 2016
Released: 2015, Sliptrick Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Nothing makes me happier than new young bands playing Power Metal and keeping the flame of true Metal alive. I’ve read the comments of cynics and critics who ask, ‘Who is going to replace the Iron Maiden’s and Judas Priests’ of the world when they retire?”. I would respond by suggesting they check out Veonity. I’m not suggesting that Veonity will ever be as big as Priest or Maiden, that is not very realistic as these are different times, different circumstances and a whole different structure to the music industry. However, I will say with confidence that if you like classic and/or True / Power Metal you could easily find many excellent qualities on GLADIATORS TALE.

Sweden’s Veonity caught my ear via Facebook and I’m glad I checked out their debut which came out in early 2015. The 12 song, 55 minute long album is packed with great Metal. I’m hearing some great influences like Bloodbound, Hammerfall, Dream Evil, and Sabaton…namely big, bombastic choruses, big chunky riffs and a great sense of pacing and energy. The vocals of Anders Skold remind me of the gruff power and exciting delivery of Joachim of Sabaton. He is backed up by Isak of Lancer on the track ‘Let Me Die’, who cleaner vocal style add a nice contrast. Anders relinquishes the microphone on ‘For The Glory’ of none other than Tommy of Reinxeed who turns another superb performance. The lyrics are epic and adventurous as good Power Metal should be and as one could surmise based on the awesome album cover, album title, song titles, (let alone listening to or reading the lyrics) the main theme is ancient Rome.

The fast album surges along with great writing, some good back-up gang vocals adding power and strength. A highlight for me is found mid album, ‘Slaves In A Holy War’ with a big sing-along chorus. There are some very nice Helloween-inspired style solos found all across the album. The acoustic piano infused ballad ‘Warriors Of Steel’ is top-notch, something Manowar or Majesty would be proud to have written.

Technically, on paper with is a superb, and flawless album for Power Metal fans. Depending on how individual listeners may value originality, speed or other subtle factors will make the difference how people perceive GLADIATOR’S TALE but for me I’d say any true Metalhead would enjoy this album.
Track Listing

1. Into Eternity
2. Phoenix Arise
3. Unity
4. Let Me Die
5. Slaves in a Holy War
6. Chains of Blood
7. For the Glory
8. Gladiator's Tale
9. Warrior of Steel
10. Born Out of Despair
11. King of the Sky
12. Farewell


Anders Sköld Vocals Guitar
Samuel Lundström Guitar
Kristoffer Lidre Bass
Joel Kollberg Drums



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