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August 2000
Released: 2000, Steamhammer/SPV
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

As many of you no doubt know, Venom returned in 1997 to reclaim their satanic metal rites with the respectable CD entitled Cast In Stone. Now the band has recorded their second CD (their 13th overall) with the re-united line-up minus one (without their original drummer). They have really outdone themselves this time! The members for this album are vocalist/bassist Chronos, guitarist Mantas and new drummer Annton who has replaced Abbadon who left the band because of "musical differences" (seems like he's more into playing industrial techno bullshit) before Resurrection was recorded. I don't know why he'd have a problem with this case this CD can stand up to classic Venom....well they'll never top such evil classics as "Bloodlust", " Witching Hour", " Die Hard" or " All Hell Breaks Loose."

The whole sound of this CD is better then it's predecessor. The guitars are thicker yet maintain that raw edge. The drums are also better sounding and Abbadon is not missed at all cause Annton is a superb drummer! Although Venom have been called the fathers of death and/or black metal, this album sounds mainly like thrash metal to me even bordering on some Fear Factory-isms on the choppy riffing to the title track "Resurrection" and on " Vengeance" - probably the two better songs on the CD. There's not a bad song on this CD to be found. I like it all so it's hard to single out particular tracks. The track "Black Flame of Satan" is kinda memorable, probably a combination of the killer double kicks drums and the funny song title! There's even some "evil" sounding grunts/growls in the background at one point in the song adding to the amusement. I love the vocals on "All There Is Fear." It kind of stands out and is one of the more memorable vocal lines on the CD. If you're looking for mindless speed then you can find it in "Control Freak" and "Pain." The drums on both sound like a fury. The CD's closer "Leviathan" features Chronos stretching his vocal ability by actually doing some melodic " singing" (well melodic for Venom anyway ha!). The cool thing is, it totally works! The clean guitar part at the 2:30 section of this song sounds a little too close to Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss", but aside from that, this is original and different for Venom. They have succeeded in modernizing their sound without sounding at all trendy or even dated for that matter...this is just quality, timeless heavy metal!

The hellish fury that is Resurrection is sure to please long time fans of Venom as well as prove that they still can compete and crush a new generation of extreme metal fans. Lets hope that Chronos, Manatas and Annton can stick together as a unit to continue their war with Satan for many years to come.
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