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From The Very Depths
February 2015
Released: 2015, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

Venom are a band that need no introduction; they’ve been around since the 80s, and are responsible from the transition from thrash to heavier music and considered the forefathers of modern black metal. But whenever a band like this comes out with a new record, it is always a slight cause for alarm. How will they measure up after all this time? Is it going to be a good record, or are they just coming out with more music to make more money? Should they really be releasing a metal record in 2015, or will it come off as out of touch?

In the case of Venom’s new record FROM THE VERY DEPTHS, the album is not out of touch at all, nor does it sound like they are trying to do something modern and failing awkwardly, similar to the latest Morbid Angel album. Yes, it is still classic thrash, and it offers up everything we expect from Venom. There are some heavier songs where the music verges on death metal and the lyrics are a little more straightforward evil, like “Crucified” and “Stigmata Satanas.” There is also some really funny, straightforward punky metal stuff like the aptly titled “Long Haired Punks” and “The Death of Rock n’ Roll.”

If you are a Venom fan, I would suggest buying this record, as you will probably want the complete Venom canon, and this is by no means a disappointing album. For those who love thrash and old-school metal but aren’t too familiar with Venom, I would still recommend it, but of course, I would say check out some of the classics first to see what made them so great. Bottom line, check this out if you have some extra cash, but if you’re on a fixed budget for records, consider checking out some newer and more exciting bands first.
Track Listing

1. Eruptus
2. From the Very Depths
3. The Death of Rock 'N' Roll
4. Smoke
5. Temptation
6. Long Haired Punks
7. Stigmata Satanas
8. Crucified
9. Evil Law
10. Grinding Teeth
11. Ouverture
12. Mephistopheles
13. Wings of Valkyrie
14. Rise


Cronos – vocals, bass
La Rage – guitar
Dante – drums

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