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Vendetta (Fin)
Search in the Darkness
November 2006
Released: 2006, King Foo Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Who would have guessed this would have been re-released some day? Not me anyway. I´m talking about the somewhat legendary Finnish Speed metallers (with slight touches from Hardcore) Vendetta here whose 4-song mini-album, SEARCH IN THE DARKNESS, was released through a very small, independent Finnish ´label´ called Dekadenz back in 1986 already. It was one of the very first Finnish metal releases back in those days – along with Sacrofagus, Iron Cross and Tarot releases, so it definitely has some value amongst the metal collectors these days, no doubts.

I cannot tell how many how many copies of this mini-LP was pressed originally, but my raw guess could be somewhere around 300-500 copies only, but not much more, I think. However, this is the very first time this legendary mini-LP has been put available for everyone –and yes, it could be said it was about the time. Thanks to King Foo Entertainment for understanding the value of this, and at the same time, making some sort of a precious Finnish cultural thing release-wise by putting it out finally, first time in a CD -format.

What about the music on this mini-CD then? To me they actually remind me of some kind of fusion from Motörhead and Tank musically, Tank´s influence being a bit stronger element in Vendetta´s sound in my opinion though. This is all solid- and ´easy-to-get-into´ sounding stuff, reflecting very well from the times when this type of metal in general was produced. However, according to the fact both the Finnish metal music scene as well was industry around it, become more recognized as late as in the late of ´80s - and in the beginning of ´90s era, Vendetta´s SEARCH IN THE DARKNESS was unfortunately one of those releases that were never found more widely by the metal diggers on the globe. So, it´s good to have it finally in this CD –format for all of those curious people who have always been sort of interested in checking Finland´s own speed merchants Vendetta out, but kind of never got a true chance for it when searching this record in the darkness - until now.

If Tank and Mötörhead is close to your likings, then I cannot see any reason why you couldn´t like to give a chance to these somewhat legendary Finns, especially now when SEARCH IN THE DARKNESS should be pretty easily available for your purchases.
Track Listing

01. No Future, No Past
02. Shake Your Brain
03. Search in the Darkness
04. The Dead End


Timppa - Guitar, vocals
Make - Guitar
Tero - Bass
Peki - Drums

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