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Hate (reissue)
January 2018
Released: 2017, Allegro Talent Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Vendetta’s Hate is an album which was originally released back in 2007, a year which sticks in my head for two reasons (musically speaking anyway): it was a great year all round, with some absolutely superb albums out, and it was also right at the height of the 2000s thrash revival. New bands were springing up and old ones either reforming or reverting to older styles.

Vendetta, a band I’d heard of somewhere but never looked into, were a part of this, albeit perhaps not a very well-known one. The German thrashers had a couple of well-received albums out in the 80s, split up in 1990, then reformed in 2002, and five years later produced this, their comeback, which has now been reissued a decade later.

I must admit, I’m surprised and still a little uncertain about the necessity of a reissue in such a short space of time, but I’m no expert on the details of the industry, so who knows. The question remains whether this is any good or not.

The answer is a resounding….eh, not really. Maybe. It kind of depends on what you’re into.

A lot of older bands, those who went down a slower, groove metal direction in the 90s, often needed some transition time to shed this influence. Vendetta themselves never went through that, but they really sound like they did. The sound here is that of a thrash metal band (one that reminds me a lot of Mortal Sin around this same time period), but feels just as much like that distinctly 90s groove sound ala Pantera or Prong. Maybe Anthrax is the best comparison point, post-Persistence of Time.

For some, this will be an instant turn-off. Me, I love a bit of groove done well, but here it sounds like the band needs to commit one way or the other. The music, especially the guitars, feel too muffled and subdued. They bring neither the explosive energy of thrash, nor the confident swagger of groove, instead coming across like it’s stuck between the two and pleasing fans of neither.

There’s also a lot of stop-start riffing throughout, as in “Prepare Yourself for Hostility”. Again, I find myself thinking of Prong, but none of the tracks here have anything like the rough charm of “Snap Young Fingers, Snap Your Neck”. “Lying Society” is a fun one, one of the more thrashy tempo numbers. At the other end of the quality spectrum we have one of the bonus tracks, “Storage of Anger”, something about the vocals here has me grating my teeth and desperately wanting him to stop saying the damn song title over and over. Granted, it is a rough mix, but after listening to it the prevailing feeling is that that is all it ever should be.

I feel like had I encountered this back in the day, I would've felt much the same way about it now: decent, but not really standing out from the crowd. The groove side to the sound will put some people off right away. I’m fine with it myself in principle, but it feels too watered down to leave much of an impact.
Track Listing

1. Hannibal
2. Lying Society
3. Guerillas
4. Hate
5. Prepare Yourself for Hostility
6. Mother
7. Rise for Revolution
8. Dead People are Cool
9. Feed the Extermination
10. Storage of Anger


Mario Vogel - Vocals
Klaus Ullrich - Bass
Frank Heller - Guitar
Frank Scholch - Guitar
Thomas Krämer - Drums

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