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August 2004
Released: 2004, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 0.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Greek hardcore...who knew there was such a thing? The song titles and lyrics of ELEFTHERIA (Greek for “Freedom”) are all in Greek and my inability to read or understand the language leaves me guessing. One might say it’s all Greek to me (cue rimshot). There was no promo sheet included, there is no band website and the label page offers no information either. Being the intrepid writer I am, I did find out that Velocity have been around since 1998 and have released three albums in that time and that Giorgios (vocals) and Giannis (bass) have been part of the Grecian punk scene since the early 1980s. Of the four band members, two look old enough to be Lemmy Kilmister’s father (Giannis and Giorgos, I'm assuming) while the other two look like they are barely old enough to get behind the wheel of a car. What I can also gather is that these guys are extremely pissed off and the gangland chants during the choruses are probably meant to be threatening. Having your Dad yell at you in Greek may be threatening to some, but not me.

There is so much to pick apart with this CD, I don’t even know where to begin. The ineptitude of the “vocalist” never lets up and the drums sound like something you’d find in a junior high garage band. Whoever produced this sludge should be taken into the streets and publicly flogged. Raw punk like Agnostic Front and Black Flag captured the time and attitude of those bands. This is 2004 and the early Bathory albums sound over-produced compared to this! There are several parts that inexplicably fade in and out, while the bellowing vocals are so predominant that they threaten to take over everything else at times. One song becomes the next without any variety whatsoever although, in fairness, the language barrier doesn't help. It literally sounds as if a bunch of guys who were barely able to play their instruments got together on a drunken Saturday afternoon and banged out twelve tracks of noise to share with an unsuspecting public. I can however thank the fellows in Velocity for having some mercy and keeping this CD short at barely 30 minutes.

Black Lotus is usually a dependable label, but I don’t know who made the call to sign this bunch of leathernecks. Supporting your fellow countrymen is one thing; inflicting their rubbish upon the ears of an innocent reviewer is another. Unless you are a fan of horrendously played, obnoxiously “sung” hardcore/punk music, stay far, far away from this CD.

Track Listing

2. Fight Them
4. Viva La Aggression
12. One Law For Them


Giorgos "Havoc"—Vocals



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