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Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian
May 2015
Released: 2015, Lacerated Enemy Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

If you like the more primal Behemoth sound - the Zos Kia Cultus/Demigod era, as opposed to the slicker, more grandiose Evangelion/The Satanist era of today – you're gonna love Veld, who hail from roughly the same patch of Eastern Europe, Belarus in this case – though two-thirds of the current lineup are Polish. Veld's fourth album, and first in seven years, is an ambitious and rather thunderous effort that shows good things come to those who wait – or, in this case, from those who wait.

Not exactly sure what the reasons were behind the long break – since, to be honest, I know very little about the band, and there ain't a whole lot of info about them to be found in the first place – but it was probably the usual roster turmoil, perhaps compounded by the difficulties of trying to get some, if any, attention while hailing from one of the more remote corners of the metal world. Regardless, the results have paid off.

The album – which features re-recordings of five tracks from 2008's Love. Anguish. Hate. album - delivers a veritable carpet-bomb attack of raging riffs, strafing drums and guitarist Kirill Bobrik's flame-throwing vocals. Produced to maximize their combined effects, the sound here is loud to the point of ear-bleed and all-consuming, with multi-tracked guitars and vocals attacking from every angle. And Wojtek Slavinsky's drumming – which tends to dominate the mix, though not quite to the point where it overpowers it – will loosen your teeth. Daemonic certainly makes an impression from a purely sonic standpoint.

But the material is top-notch as well, its viciousness and sheer volume balanced by just the right amount of complexity and a few exotic touches – acoustic passages, some surprisingly effective female vocals, especially on the titanic closing combo “Annihilation of Divinity/Trust Upon Ignorance” that counter some ridiculous demonic blathering, and a hint of Middle Eastern grandeur – that bring an air of sophistication to the mix. And the band's controlled chaos approach might emphasize speed and power, but not at the expense of meatiness or listenability.

There's plenty of “songiness” to go around here as Bobrik's slashing guitars cut deep and his menacing vocals command your attention as the album roars to life with the rather magnificent, and freshly minted, “World In Obscure” - which very well could be their theme-song. The redone “Constant Suffering,“ “Conquerors of All Icons” and “Love. Anguish. Hate.,” along with a pair of instrumentals, benefit from a new coat of paint, so to speak, and tear it up.

Veld have returned with an intensity and purpose on Daemonic that is impossible to ignore – especially since it might actually get a chance to be heard. Do yourself a favor and give it a spin, the ringing ears and dental work will be worth it.
Track Listing

1. The Sweet Sound Of Torment (Intro)
2. World In Obscure
3. Constant Suffering
4. Endless Spiritual Paranoia
5. Lost But Never Forgotten
6. Merciless And The Innocents
7. Conquerors Of All Icons
8. Love. Anguish. Hate.
9. In Eternal Waiting
10. Annihilation Of Divinity/Trust Upon Ignorance


Kirill Bobrik - guitars, vocals
Tomasz Wawrzak - bass
Wojtek Slavinsky - drums

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by Peter Atkinson

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