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Helping The World To See
May 2004
Released: 2004, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I was extremely impressed with Vehemence’s second CD, GOD WAS CREATED from the summer of 2002. I have to say I’m not quite as impressed by this offering. Death metal is a tough genre to make it and the elements that made Vehemence stand apart as a great band, compared to a good band, have been somewhat downplayed.

I would not suggest by any means that this album is a major change in style, tone or tempo from the last one. However there is a sophistication in the execution of classic death that left behind some of the more primal elements from the last disc. It is inevitable that any band will progress as friends, lyricists, songwriters and performers. Perhaps I wanted GOD WAS CREATED PART II too much. That is part of the problem; additional refinement in lyrics and songs in death metal can be a step backwards. The brutality is still there but there is a level of restraint , for lack of a better term, that impedes the rawness.

I noticed that the lyrics were far simpler, far less gorier and touched on really simple (overdone?) topics. Lyrics on tracks like ‘Kill For God’ (Religious zealots) and ‘Trinity Broadcasting’ (televangelism) are rehashed and uninspired. However, he band shows it still has what it takes with the cuts , ‘What Could Go Wrong’ and ‘You Don’t Have to Be Afraid Anymore’ two utterly morbid and original tales with a unique and interesting lyrical perspective on a common theme.

To summarize, Vehemence have matured musically and lyrically. They lost some of the vehement hate that flavoured the last CD. BUT…overall HELPING THE WORLD TO SEE is truly a killer world class disc. The cool cover art is in yellow, a colour not used very often in death Metal and a great graphic ties in with the album title. The packaging and production are up to Metal Blade’s usual high standards, no complaints there. The addition of a bonus track is a redone version of an old demo track called ‘Her Beautiful Eyes’. I would like to compare the original and the remake one day to see if my feelings that the band has lost some edge are legitimate.

Musically I like what this band is doing than many of the other death metal acts on the same label; more sick than Six Feet Under, more vile than Vomitory, and more violent than Vader! Head crushing guitar tone, good use of speed, brutalic vocals this is pure death and any fan of the genre will not be disappointed. I do not want to dwell on the negative in the above paragraphs, but wanted to provide a fairly detailed comparison for fans who are familiar with the band. If you have not heard Vehemence yet, I do recommend you go grab this disc. Take a chance on a young, cool, new death band instead of going to the new album by your old favorites Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel. You won’t be disappointed.
Track Listing

1. By Your Bedside
2. Kill for God
3. Trinity Broadcasting (Know Your Enemy)
4. To the Taste
5. You Don't Have to Be Afraid Anymore
6. Alone In Your Presence
7. Spirit of the Soldier
8. Darkness is Comfort
9. What Could Go Wrong?
10. We Are All Dying
11. Her Beautiful Eyes (Bonus Track)


Nathan Gearhart—Vocals
John Chavez—Guitar
Bjorn Dannov—Guitar
Mark Kozuback—Bass
Andrew Schroeder—Drums

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