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December 2001
Released: 2001, Lucretia
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

A very neat CD! Vainglory is the band project of Corban King known for his work on the Leviathan label to which this release is licensed. Vainglory is an underground supergroup of sorts. Drummer Brian Harris also does time (get it) in Zanister and Kenziner. Bassist Kerry Keke’s used to be in the very cool and under-rated 80’s band Damien. The new guy Ted Brasier is on vocals and the guy has a very cool voice, not high, not low, just power. As with most Leviathan stuff the CD is well packaged and put together with lyrics and a very futuristic dark look and feel which suits the story perfectly.

Vainglory is an elaborate and cool, futuristic, concept story, not in the Iron Saviour, Gamma Ray vein, but more of a gritty, realistic, “Orwellian/Brave New World/What the Future Could Hold” type story. All the lyrics are penned by Mr. David T. Chastain himself and it is an intriguing story of the not-to distant future, 2050 to be precise! On my 80th birthday in 2050, I’m going to pull this CD out and see how close to reality it may become (or became). Seriously, the story is about the disparity between wealth and class in the future and how the separation over time between rich and poor eliminated traditional, nationalistic war because it was all the rich (1%) vs. all the poor (99%). There are some nice character developments as well.

The music…it kicks eternal ass…or at least until 2050. Nine solid, solid tracks of kick-ass metal and one instrumental. The standout track in my mind is Mastermind. Corban King’s reputation as not only a shredder but a guitarist and song-writer of the highest order is well deserved as he wrote all the music to this tale. The songs each has a unique feel that suits the lyrics, they are not all just fast or all just atmospheric there is a really nice mix. Everyone in the band plays at a very intense level yet never to the point of being frantic and overplaying. It is fast when it needs to be and the songs slow down to a grind when they need to create a certain atmosphere.

All these elements combined with excellent production that accentuates the lyrical themes of the story make this a winner. Seldom do music, lyrics and production all working in tandem to create the right feel of a concept album, but Vainglory have very right to be vain about this glorious metal CD.
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