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Vaee Solis
Adversarial Light
September 2015
Released: 2015, Mordgrimm
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Melancholic Portuguese filth mongers VAEE SOLIS have wasted no time in the year since their formation. With no demos, EPs or singles behind them, the female-fronted four piece emerge with debut album, Adversial Light, now out on Mordgrimm after an initial sell-out cassette run with native label Signal Rex. With only six tracks but a cut-throat attitude, they purge their way through an aesthetic of pure darkness, keeping their formula pure and comprehendible to those outside of their unusual, artistic niche of extreme metal.

VAEE SOLIS’S sound is simple. Their four-piece line-up, sole vocalist and nihilistic style give them a unique identity, with front woman Sophia’s voice being the main focus. Her style is androgynous, but more importantly, agonizing and depraved. She forces out every word with harsh angst, spitting forth a sickening rage that shows no sign of restrain as it lunges out the speakers, whilst a post-apocalyptic e behemoth of an ensemble plays on. The guitar sound is cavernous, playing spacious chords of diabolical capaciousness, with gritty bass rambling alongside. This dirgy, black art was designed to rattle the bones of all listeners.

Except that this one faced attack is very, er, one faced. It is easily dodged, predictable, and after the A-side is over, it is very tempting to not continue, as this band’s initial impact, along with its appeal, unravels itself. Their sound relies too heavily on a very similar beat for every song, with no tempo shifts to rouse you alertness, nor anything even close to unpredictable during the last three tracks. It is droney, it is anguished, and while it can pull the listener it in, the listener may struggle to find a reason not to simply forget about this album after 25 minutes.

To me, this suggests that the band is still really in the demo stages that they simply skipped. Their sound is unique, and they have their own identity, yet the lack of depth and, dare I say, maturity in their song crafting shows that these metallers aren’t ready for the LP format.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Saturn’s Storm
2. Adversarial Light
3. Ennoia
4. Feral Isolation
5. ♎
6. Cosmocrat


João Galrito- Bass
João Seixas- Drums
Filipe Azevedo- Guitars
Sofia Loureiro- Vocals

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