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Vacant Coffin
Sewer Skullpture
February 2009
Released: 2008, Razorback Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish underground scene still manages to surprise me positively from time to time. This time it has spawned a viciously grinding bastard named Vacant Coffin that even features two members from the somewhat semi-legendary death troops Phlegethon.

Vacant Coffin relies on things of everything heavy, nasty, grinding and brutal, i.e. pounding and skullfucking our fancy and poor heads with 16 deadly death-infested grind tracks on their debut album SEWER SKULLPTURED that hark back to the times when bands like Autopsy, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Napalm Death and such gore-grinding death merchants brought us the very best of the genre.

Sure thing, listening to this gore-oozing Finnish trio, it becomes evident very soon that Vacant Coffin is obsessed with some of the most known and goriest greats of the past time. But damn, do these furious fellows pay homage to their closest inspirations and influences in a fine way? If you ask from me, they do – and what's even better, the gore masters of Vacant Coffin sound like they have done their home lessons really admirably well with the blood- and excretion-covered notebooks of some of the death/grind legends in my sincere opinion. The musical and lyrical formula Vacant Coffin has taken on in this very pleasing debut of theirs leads its listeners into the deepest depths of an unspeakable world of horror and gore, castrating your miserable balls with a 13-inch meathook and cooking them for you for dinner. So, how could you not possibly like them?

There´s actually not much else that could be said about SEWER SKULLPTURED. If bands from Autopsy to Terrorizer to Repulsion meet your levels of satisfaction musically, then here´s definitely something for you to be chewed on for days to come.
Track Listing

01. Sewer by the Cemetery
02. Dawn of the Schizo
03. Cadaver Sculptor
04. Sewagehead
05. Mutant Gross-Out Fest
06. Leprosarium Tombs
07. Posercrushing Crusade
08. Lunch in Bodybags
09. Pulled into the Lake (of the Dead)
10. Worms the Executioner
11. A Shuriken to the Face
12. Tales of Suppuration
13. Get in the Coffin
14. They Died hungry… They’re Back Starving!
15. Gut Worship
16. Razor Justice


Lasse Pyykkö - Vocals and guitar
Pekka Koskelo - Drums
Petri Konsti - Bass

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