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Unruly Child
Worlds Collide
November 2010
Released: 2010, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Unruly Child’s debut was a really decent slice of Melodic Hard Rock/Metal. I have fond memories of that record (tape actually) and it was perhaps a case of right sound, wrong time. Fast forward 7 years and the band take another stab at it. The band eventually established a business relationship with Frontiers and they have been a bit more productive since. This is album number five (if ya count the demo collection) so the band truly are survivors in an era generally hostile to this sound, in North America at least.

The obvious highlight is that this is the original line-up including Marcie Free. I don’t want to dwell on Free’s lifestyle choices as they have been well-documented in the hard rock media. I’m also impressed that the band and label have wisely chosen to not emphasize Free’s personal history as a selling point. The songs on WORLDS COLLIDE are strong enough to stand on their own merit. Suffice to say that she has still got it! Free’s performance on the sole album by Signal still stands as one of AOR’s greatest performances. That album goes for big money on E-bay these days! Her vocals are still so strong and distinct, it is a pleasure to her in action again.

The rest of the band are not slouches, delivering classy n’ sassy Melodic Metal/AOR etc. Elegant guitars, just the right touch of sweetness with the keyboards, a hint of grit and crunch in the guitars, this line-up sounds like the seasoned veterans they are. The band isn’t as heavy perhaps as on the debut but have brought it up a notch from the last couple of albums. The ballads are heartfelt and sincere, the harmonized back-up vocals, piano and acoustic guitar all add sonic diversity to the songs. The songs are simple but well-executed and easy on the ears. A welcome return.
Track Listing

1. Show Me The Money
2. Insane
3. When We Were Young
4. Tell Another Lie
5. Love Is Blind
6. When Worlds Collide
7. Talk To Me
8. Life | Death
9. Read My Mind
10. Neverland
11. Very First Time
12. You Don't Understand


Marcie Free-Vocals
Bruce Gowdie-Guitar
Guy Allison-Keyboards
Larry Antonio-Bass
Jay Schellen-Drums



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