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Unreal Overflows
Architecture of Incomprehension
October 2006
Released: 2006, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Im trying to remember what the last progressive, or technical Death Metal album that caught my immediate attention by the first listen? Was it Theory in Practice´s COLONIZING THE SUN (2002) which was surely an awesome release; or so was it Necrophagist´s EPITAPH (2004) – not to forget Psycroptic´s SYMBOLS OF FAILURE (2006) either? All great, very challenging technical Death Metal releases for sure. If sticking with the releases of 2006 only, then let´s take a glimpse toward Spain and drag in this 4-piece band called Unreal Overflows for a short introduction.

Unreal Overflows was formed in early 2002, and by the end of 2003 the band had recorded a 4-track demo titled POINT OF A NEW DEPARTURE, which brought an upliftingly great stream of very positive reviews for them. From those achieved footsteps things started happening quickly for the band. In early 2004 the Spanish Xtreem Music negotiated a deal with them, and in October 2005 the band was flown to Germany to record their first full-length album at the legendary Spacelab Studio – after all the setbacks they had on their way to get to this point.

ARCHITEXTURE OF INCOMPREHENSION, this 11-track debut effort from the band, is a surprisingly mature album as far as progressive yet musically very challenging Death Metal is concerned. Or with better words spitted out, Unreal Overflows´ debut record is where all the musically influential and innovative works of such bands like Cynic, Death (the SYMBOLIC –era), Atheist, Watchtower, the later era Pestilence and the likes, have been sort of combined in a fine manner. The musical skills of the band members are unquestionable. These guys represent the highest musicianship a metal band of this particular genre can possible offer. The band sounds a real tight and highly talented unit in which every individual musician has undoubtedly raised his own personal bar of execution on that certain level of perfection which causes a huge amount of satisfaction both for the whole band, and most obviously for the fans of the band naturally as well. Everything has been done with a great care on A.o.I.; from neo-classical, harmonious guitar sections (sense a strong influence of Schuldiner-school in the guitar department) to adventurous Cynic-like bass lines to experimental and jazz-inspired drum parts – and there´s no single thing on this extremely pleasing album that needs to be underlined for not reaching the set high standards of a masterful metal record. All the 11 songs they have recorded for their simply amazing debut album, ooze all those tiny elements that are about to bring Unreal Overflows´ name in everyone´s lips sooner than one could possibly even expect.

ARCHITEXTURE OF INCOMPREHENSION is such an ambitiously and devotedly built debut album from these Spanish prog-Death metallers Unreal Overflows that undoubtedly will set and write some certain standards of creativeness and innovation for this type of metal genre all over again. And when thinking more closely, it will also put the band to work even harder in terms of capturing all the same quality elements with their next album, which assumable is such a task in itself that is going to be pretty hard to accomplish even from them. However, in the meantime let´s enjoy the indisputable great musicianship and songs on Unreal Overflows´ debut record, which in fact is, definitely one of the most positive surprises of the year thus far. Reeks strongly of awesomeness.
Track Listing

01. Paths to the Human Involution
02. The Unavoidable Passage of Time
03. Crematory of Forgotten Cries
04. Breeders of Credibility
05. Unexpected Dimensions
06. What to Do When...
07. Is There Anybody Outside?
08. Psycho-Thought
09. Pain of an Afflicted Soul
10. In Darkness I Dwell 2005
11. Under the Quiet Silence


Francisco J. Pérez - Guitar
Zoilo Santiago - Bass & vocals
Jorge Rosales - Drums
Pedro Cochón - Guitar

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