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Fallen In Disbelief
May 2015
Released: 2014, MFL-Records, Frozen Light
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

“Fallen In Disbelief” is the début release from the international doom collaboration Unmercenaries. Opening with a thunderous distorted bass, “Among The Stars” immediately enshrouds you with an ominous sense of despair. Slowly a decadently dark keyboard driven atmosphere builds enriching the sense of doom. The song plods along moodily until it subtly but jarringly shifts. The highlight comes later on with the slow and emotive classically inspired piano pieces, slow, ponderous yet melodic. “A Portal” starts off with lots of distortion and noise, instantly creating a sense of uneasiness and confusion. Once again a rich keyboard driven atmosphere begins to build, slowly flowing and emphasizing the hopelessness as you're crushed under the weight of the guitars and bass. The deep and rich growls add even more weight to the song.

“Circles of Disbelief” features some more melodic moments and detached. It's like walking into the unknown with something creeping up behind you. Everything is dark and hazy and you don't know where you're going. You don't even know where you've come from, but you just have to keep going. “A Beggar's Lesson” follows with an extremely atmospheric sound and soul piercing guitars.

Half the doom out there can hardly be called doom compared to “Fallen In Disbelief”. This isn't an album for happy people. It's for those who like to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions, and push themselves to their limits. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that there probably isn't a reason that we exist, and that one day we'll be gone and forgotten and there was no point to any of it. Our universe is a mere blip of harmony before everything unravels, and dissonance prevails for eternity. This is the perfect soundtrack for it.

Review By Jacob Ovington
Track Listing

1. Among the Stars
2. A Portal
3. Circles of Disbelief
4. A Beggar's Lesson


Gungrind – guitars, bass
E.S. – vocals
Jürgen Fröhling – drums

Guest musicians:
I. - keys
Daniel Neagoe – additional vocals on “Circles Of Disbelief”

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