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Upwards of Endtime
Upwards of Endtime
April 2006
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

The bastard child of punk and doom is called Upwards of Endtime. With his departure from the band Blastmat, vocalist Phil decided that he needed a new outlet for his creative energies. After 9/11 he felt he needed a less political way to not only get out his frustrations but also to challenge his vocal abilities so he put out the word and The seeds of Upwards of Endtime were planted. With the band coming together they went into the studio and after a years work the debut UPWARDS OF ENDTIME was released. Containing a stew of punk, hardcore and mostly good old fashioned sludgy metal, Upwards of Endtime mix a rough gravelly production with some serious attitude to dish up 10 songs that have hooks a plenty yet will appeal to a wide variety of metal fans.

“Conquerors” opens up the CD and offers no hint that members of Blastmat and Atrocity are the main minds behind this music. The doomy riffs are augmented by addition of some atmospheric guitar melodies that gel nicely with the overall mood of the song. “Battlefield” leaves no doubt as to where these guys have come. They tempo is kicked into overdrive and the vocal is distinctly punk in its delivery and has a very strong 80s feel almost reminding me of Bruce Dickinson’s choppy vocal delivery used on “Aces High”. One of the highlights of the disc is “Hellnight” which again has a very oldschool metal feel to it without actually sounding dated. The disc closes out with the self titled “Upwards of Endtime”. The Misfits in a major departure point for this song as Upwards of Endtime seamlessly blend straight ahead metal with its background in punk.

The cover artwork is simple and to the point and works well with what the band are trying to do. It took a few spins to realize what this band was all about. At first what seemed rough and unorganized finally sank in as the band’s pointed attempt to be true to their own personal roots and to wrap those roots in a traditional metal jacket. Though rough around the edges, Upwards of Endtime have all the tools necessary to create some great metal.
Track Listing

Phnatom Limbs
I Am Legend
Stairwell to Hell
Jerhume Brunnen G
Dead to Me
Wish it all Away
Upwards of Endtime


Phil: Words and Voice
Rich: Bass
Jeff: Drums
Matt Guitar

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