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Ultimate Intelligence
March 2010
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

UnkreateD (yes, with a capital ‘D’), hail from Italy and play a blistering style of death metal. I apologize if that’s not the usual amount of background info you’d expect on an unknown band, but since they didn’t provide a bio, and their website’s bio is in Italian, I can’t do much better. Oh well, let’s move on to the music, shall we?

As I said, UnkreateD are a brutal death metal band, pure and simple. Speed is the order of the day, and while the guys are obviously competent musicians, this is not technical death metal. Opener “Ultimate Intelligence” and “Empire of Lies” follow the same blast-o-rama formula that harkens back to Mortician (including badly processed drums at certain points) but the band is wise enough to infuse the songs with a few memorable riffs that make them worthwhile. Oddly, the next song, “Living Dead” (complete with yet another trite sample from a zombie movie used as an intro – I hoped this trend was over) is more a Swedish death metal workout, mid-paced and slightly groovy, although the blasting does rear its ugly head part way through. “Crurifragium” (huh?) is back to the blastbeat zone of the first two songs, and is of about the same quality. The less said of their cover of “Highway Star”, the better.

And that’s it! At a mere 14-minutes, ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE whips by quickly. What’s there is certainly entertaining enough, if a bit derivative, but I’m not convinced that at this point UnkreateD have enough ideas to fill out a full-length album so the brevity was probably a good choice on their part. Decent stuff, and worth hearing if you’re into this style.
Track Listing

1) Ultimate Intelligence
2) Empire of Lies
3) Living Dead
4) Crurifragium
5) Highway Star


Gatto: Vocals
Fabio: Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Alek: Bass, Programming
Fara: Drums

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