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Unholy Matrimony
Croire, Décroître
October 2009
Released: 2009, Deepsend
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Normally these projects featuring one guy doing the whole record himself come off a bit pompous, and just aren't that good. Latter day Bathory comes to mind (sorry Bathory fans). Still, Unholy Matrimony's founder and only member Vladimir Cochet attempts to foster another record on his own, following up a rather abysmal album, 2003's MISOLOGIE, CROIRE DECROITRE reintroduces us to this fellow.

Surprisingly, he's made some vast improvements, sounding like he's finally figured out who he is. Primarily a Black Metal record, similar to Marduk's last opus ROM 5:12. Very atmospheric yet brutal, it's amazing how complex the songs sometimes become because he's playing all the instruments. There are very technical drum, guitar, and bass parts, and the vocal is pretty damned ferocious as well. But what sticks out most is the tremendous use of melody. A song like 'Les Pucerons de l'Écorce Divine' combines brutality and melody succinctly, and this pattern repeats itself through out the record.

Quite a nice album, Vladimir's Unholy Matrimony, fittingly sums up Black Metal from its origins to now. Comparable to Marduk's work over recent years, Vladimir has taken the genre from a complete mess to a viable art form, worthy of praise and listenership. Being sort of unknown kind of thwarts some commercial success, but we still have a near masterpiece on our hands.
Track Listing

01. Innocence Abusee
02. Rictus de Mort et de Larmes Rictus de Mort et de Larmes
03. D'Élégance et de Déréliction D'Élégance et de Déréliction
04. Les Pucerons de l'Écorce Divine Les Pucerons de l'Écorce Divine
05, La Lente Mort sans Panache 05, La Mort Lente sans Panache
06. Le Glaive contre Le Rêve Le Glaive contre Le Reve
07. Le Poids de leur Chute les Rend Dignes Le Poids de leur Chute les Rend Dignes
08. Tu ne croiras pas Tu ne pas croiras


Vladimir Cochet - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

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