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Unholy Lust
Taste the Sin Through the Fire
September 2010
Released: 2010, Blood Harvest Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Unholy Lust from Wilmington, California, started out originally as a punk band (formerly known as Los Winoes), but in the course of time, progressed into a metal band. Unholy Lust have released 3 demos and 2 live albums on their own thus far – and now they are a part of the family of Swedish underground label Blood Harvest Records.

TASTE THE SIN THROUGH THE FIRE, the band´s 1st 13-track full-length album studio album, is one hell of a piece of unholy work; quite honestly total Possessed/Sadistic Intent worship, which is never a bad thing. These four fallen souls of Unholy Lust have obviously done their very best in order to sound like a cross between Possessed´s BEYOND THE GATES and Sadistic Intent´s IMPENDING DOOM/RESURRECTION era – hailing their masters somewhat shamelessly on their debut record with evil, totally wicked, dark and old school death metal. And what's best, the Unholy Lust´s twisted horde has succeeded in creating quite a monstrous and infernal sounding record, sounding very deceptively like the incarnation of some sort of side project of either previous and/or current Possessed/Sadistic Intent members – or their cousins who are also heavily armed for creating some evil and dark old school death metal, fully into the Possessed and Sadistic Intent vein. Hell, even Unholy Lust´s vocal demon Alvaro Sancen sounds a lot like Mr. Becerra of Possessed, which is nothing but a definite plus for him.

Unholy Lust is so far the best Possessed/Sadistic Intent copy band I have had a pleasure to become acquainted with. And by ´copy band´ I did not mean anything negative or mocking, but only throwing some extra evil horn signs up for their determined efforts to capture such a similar sound to Possessed´s and Sadistic Intent´s. If you are into those two aforementioned acts, then I assume you might be curious to check out Unholy Lust, too.

Evil. Wicked. Twisted. Dark. Old school. Gotta love this band – I certainly do.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Satans Church
03. Body Count
04. Torso
05. Thy Angel Dust
06. Infernal Blasphemy
07. Stench of Death
08. Back From the Dead
09. She's a Head Hunter
10. Horrified Visions
11. Interlude
12. Taste the Sin Through the Fire
13. Warriors of Death


Alvaro Sancen - Lead vocals and guitar
Franco Lust - Guitar
Kelsey Wilson - Bass
Humberto Medina - Drums

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