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Hate Celebration
September 2004
Released: 2004, Hellion Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

I’m not too familiar with Hellion Records, apparently a small label out of Brazil, but man, do they have a great promotional director! In addition to a glossy press sheet and a sheaf of bilingual flyers (in English and Portuguese), I’m now the proud owner of a T-shirt bearing an illegible death metal logo and an appetizing picture of a ram-headed demigod raping a nun doggy-style. With promotion like that, who needs good reviews?

Thankfully Ungodly’s debut EP lives up to the hype of its press kit. This is solid, sludgey, obviously South American-style death metal, soaked in blood, fronted by growly vocals and evoking the proper images of destruction and hellfire. Though exceptionally short—only three songs—HATE CELEBRATION showcases a band that may have some considerable potential. Rooted pretty firmly in both black and death metal territory, Ungodly blaze forth with a lot of aggression backed by a very solid guitar sound. They can also deliver some eerie black-metal style aural landscapes, such as the middle section of “Pestilence of the Limbo,” and can even hint a bit at doom metal when they slow down. For three songs they cover a lot of ground. This is not standard hack-chop death metal or another boring death-black gene splice, with one foot in Tampa and the other in Scandinavia. Ungodly has an interesting and unique sound that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it definitely held my interest better than many releases of this genre. “Hate Celebration,” the final track, is probably the catchiest (and the one that will likely highlight an Ungodly full-length album, if one is in the works), but “Pestilence of the Limbo” is the one I like the best. This band has some songwriting talent. Considering that many death/black bands fail at the writing level, Ungodly has overcome a pretty significant obstacle.

Technically the band is virtually flawless, and the production of HATE CELEBRATION is, while not crystal-clear, definitely good enough to showcase their talents adequately. Given the above-average packaging (a very handsome digipack) and the ostentatious presentation of this release, it seems that Hellion Records has some money behind them, and that’s extremely encouraging. Overall I’d say HATE CELEBRATION is a good investment for your average metal fan. If their forthcoming stuff fulfills the promise of this EP, I’d say they’re definitely a band to watch.
Track Listing

1. Layed in Ashes
2. Pestilence of the Limbo
3. Hate Celebration


Serafin Vila – vocals, keyboards
Daniel Oliveira – guitar
Luciano Campos – guitar
Fenando Costa – bass
Alex Rocha – drums



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