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We, Invaders
July 2006
Released: 2003, Galy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

... and the madness of uneXpect continues. "_WE, INVADERS", is the title of the Canadian ´weirdo metallers´ 4-song mini-CD that was put out through Galy Records in 2003, features 26-minutes mishmash of music that really pushes a listener right to that corner where´s no way out from as far as categorizing their music is concerned. These highly musically ambitious and talented Canadians already paved their own strange musical journey on their excellent self-released debut album titled UTOPIA in 1999 - and since then they have been smart enough to stay on their chosen path.

For me, it´s sort of hard to imagine how the members of uneXpect put their songs together and are yet capable of playing their songs the same way each time, note by note. Namely their strangely flowing metal music is like an inconsistently swelling, massive sea of waves that you cannot follow without swimming there first like a few times and getting used to it, and understand it. By melting together elements from technical and progressive Death Metal with some fair doses from Black Metal - and twisting them through a mold made of classical music, folk music, church music, jazzy-tinged parts and ´only-God-knows-what´ -ingredients, made this mini-CD one helluva listening experience that will surely leave some sweet scars in your memory. Whether or not this stuff has meant to be done by using ´originality for originality´s sake´ -method in order to separate the band from the masses, it has really worked out damn well because uneXpect sounds truly powerful yet determinedly innovative and groundbreaking on "_WE, INVADERS"; and the band´s credibility also stays high at the same time which is important as well.

I don´t find any reason to go any further by explaining any detailed way how uneXpect does sound like because there´s no fitting musical category for their kind of musical exploration what they do on this ´hard-to-swallow-at-first-bite´ -26-minutes long release. That task is left for you, dear listener, to do. Now bite this freakin´ bizarre tongue of musical madness!
Track Listing

01. Novaë
02. ro0ted shaDows
03. In Velvet Coffins We Slept
04. chroMatic ChiMera


Syriak - Singing gnomish mutant with a green guitar
le bateleur - Violin for rotating scarecrows
Leilindel - Dancing maiden, otherworlded voice
ExoD - Electro-canvas and ianistic attack
ArtagotH - Screaming Oracle. Djun guitar
ChaotH - Deep Resonance and ethylic lucidity

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