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We Invaders
July 2004
Released: 2004, Galy
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Ya know, I’ve been in the metal game a long, long time and I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite like this. On one hand, that is a good thing originality and new influences help the genre grow. On the other hand pushing the boundaries TOO far make it awkward, uncomfortable or even un-enjoyable for some more conservative metal fans.

Well, I can easily see many people dismissing this band as being too weird; not weird in a funny, humourous way, but just weird. I almost feel this band did too much too soon, almost too avante-garde so early in a their career. I mean talk about letting the listener have it with both barrels right out of the gate!

Fortunately, there will be some, like myself who see the utter coolness of this freaky band. I hate to name drop other band to help define the sound of a new band but the only thing I could think of was ‘Mekong delta on crack’. Seriously. Unexpect are virtually indefinable and as such are a rare and valuable commodity in a genre plagued with accusations of sterility and stagnation. Translation? These guys are fucked up.

Everything about this release is strange and wonderfully different and unique. The layout, the graphics, the band members names, the actually look of the band, the uber-bizzare lyrics, the songs and most importantly the music. Musically speaking, Unexpect are ..wait for it…unexpected! (Couldn’t resist)

They have this bizarre thrash, death, jazz-fusion progressive hybrid form hell. Throwing absolutely everything thing into the mix they have this undefined sound. I do know it is damn heavy, fast in many parts, ripping Black Metal style vocals, weird time signatures, it is hard to explain. It has keyboards, piano, lush ambient passages, hyper-kinetic riffing blast beats, female vocals, choirs, violins and a weird mix, tight and squeaky clean without much low end. Ya gotta hear it to believe it. I’m almost glad this little MCD is only 26 minutes long. Any longer and it would be almost too much to digest for us mere mortals. The last track however is useless. It’s a five minute acoustic piano solo with a few sound effects here and there. Waste of time. Not metal. Uncool and Unexpected.

Highly recommended for those brave and adventurous souls who know that bands like Dillenger Escape Plan really aren’t all that amazing and want to look for something really on the bleeding edge.
Track Listing

1. Novae
2. Rooted Shadows
3. In Velvet Coffins We Sleep
Chromatic Chimera


La Bateleur-violin
Dasnos & Anthony (Guest drummers)



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