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July 2006
Released: 1999, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Huh, where to start from? From Québec, Canada, comes this highly original metal act named uneXpect that seems to challenge themselves musically more than one could allow in the first place. Obviously the members of this band´s main intention has been to prove to everyone that it´s possible to mix different (metal) styles together and sound convincing enough - without loosing the power of the music itself - or credibility as a seriously taken band. UneXpect is, quite honestly, one of those rare bands out there nowadays that have determined to make it work, blending together bits from here and bits from there very successfully, resulting in a damn fine musical wholeness. What we are seriously talking about here, is one of the weirdest and trickiest sounding metal albums that is both kinda hard to follow at times and full of little unexpected surprises, but once the album allows you to enter in completely, you are about to realize how a magnifient and unique band uneXpect truly are. Rarely - only very rarely, mixing together a bunch of different musical genres, turns out to be a successful attempt to get it also sold for listeners. But that´s what they have done exactly; mixed together everything from Death Metal to Black Metal to Symphonic Metal to Progressive Metal - with additional bits from classical music and some folky parts. And believe it or not - it all sounds like a perfect mixture. The vocal parts on UTOPIA range from deep Death Metal type of growls to high-pitched Black Metal shrieks (ála Dani Filth) to female soprano parts that at times - no surprisingly, remind of Tarja Turunen, but also the ethereal type of vocalism ála Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering) is somewhat easy to dig up from this excellent debut album of the band as well.

Analyzing UTOPIA on any deeper level is somewhat unnecessary simply because you need to hear it in order to believe how highly original and extraordinary package it truly is. I´m, however, going to suggest to all of you to keep the band´s name in your minds from now on if you are in need of some weird sounding musical madness. There´s a plenty of it available on UTOPIA for sure.
Track Listing

01. Vespers Gold
02. Constellations and Mysticism
03. Metamorphosis
04. Shades of a Forbidden Passion
05. Palace of Dancing Souls
06. Tha Fall of Arthrone
07. Ethereal Dimensions
08. The Flames of Knowledge 09. Forever Lost
10. In velvet Coffins We Sleep
11. The Revival


Syriak - Goblinoid dialect and strings oddities
Zircon - Four strings anchor
Lunorin (Exod) - Alchemist earthbeat
Merzenya - Sounds of the cosmos
Le bataleur - Violin and jests
Artagoth - Troll warsongs and mystical strings
Elda - Song of the faeries

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