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Prelude to A New Reign
October 2003
Released: 2003, Crash Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The good people at Crash Music have sent us a number of new releases and I am going to do a little focus on five diverse releases on this up and coming label. Enjoy the reviews (Hedfirst, NDE, Throcult, Twelfth Gate, Unearthly) and don’t forget to check out our Crash Music Contest in our contest section. The answers to the trivia contest are found in these reviews so read all of them carefully and enter for your chance to win a CD from Crash!

Any Black Metal disc that starts with a sample/sound effect of a machine gun mowing down Christians gets major bonus points. Why? Not because I hate Christians, far from it, but the classic metal album intro of the sounds of war combined with the flair of total defiance of accepted norms (in this case, religion) make this a winner. To put it shorter, it’s sick and damn funny in a perverse way! It might perhaps be shocking to small degree to experienced BM fans, but it caught my attention right away. I KNEW what I was going to get and Unearthly deliver!

Originality has never been extremely high on my list of factors that help me enjoy music and I would easily argue that Unearthly are completely unoriginal. Everything from the cover, (Pentagram, goat) the art, (Dove impaled to cross with dagger) the song titles, the band’s image (spikes and corpse-paint) and the members names meet the standard (mandatory) components for unholy and blasphemic Black Metal.

Unearthly are from Brazil furthering my suspicion that the executive at Crash have some major connection or deal with Brazil considering the number of bands they have from that great nation. These four tormentors of Christian souls have fully embraced an anti-Christian lyrical stance and even thought there is a little struggle with the translation, the message is clear with songs like ‘Challenging The Heavens’ and ‘Days of Storm for Christian souls’. The final cut is a longest tune called ‘Battle for The Destruction of Hypocrisy’s Empire’ which is broken into three parts spanning over twelve and a half minutes.

This may sound odd but the realization of the bands musical vision does not necessarily have to be completely new, original or innovative. And in fact some might say ‘I’ve heard it all before’. There are smattering of piano, and keyboards among the constant wall-of noise blast-beats, high-pitched shrieks and incessant guitar buzz. Of course the whole album is really fast, but we did not expect anything less. The vocals are naturally inhuman, covering all the bases low, mid range and deep. Overall they remind me of old Cradle but without the weepy, gothic romanticisms and frilly shirts.

My overall feeling is they might be trying a little too hard, they worship at the knees of the masters of the genre when perhaps next album they will spread their wings and develop a bit more of their own identity. Until they have provided an excellent and very musical, enjoyable example of modern Black Metal.
Track Listing

1. Days of Storm for Christian Souls
2. Challenging The Heavens
3. Forbidden Carnal Desires
4. Zyklon B (War Legion)
5. Living Under The Sign of Blasphemy
6. Embracement of Eternal Darkness
7. For The Glory of The Impure God
8. Battle For The Destruction of Hypocrisy’s Empire
Part I-Infernum
Part II-Victory of the True Path
Part III-Prelude to A New Reign


Lord Thoth-Vocals, Guitar
M. Mictian-Bass
Hysrucs Midgard-Keys
Leghor Supay-Drums



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