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Darkness in the Light
July 2011
Released: 2011, Metal Blade
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

I can just see it now: Metal Blade execs nodding in approval at the first airing of Boston natives, Unearth's new platter. 'We're on to a winner here,' they mutter to themselves. 'This is what all the Hot Topic regulars are spinning these days.'

Thing is, they're probably right. In as much as Unearth have devolved from being a halfway exciting modern metal outfit with hardcore overtones, DARKNESS IN THE LIGHT sees them go the whole hog on making Scandinavian melodies not simply a part of their formula but the vast majority of it. Nevermind that both "Arise the War Cry" and "Shadows of the Light" sound like wholesale plagiarism of Arch Enemy's back catalogue, at least their lyrical tirades about politics and religion are unique. Oh wait, they're not. Nor indeed are the Blink 182-esque choruses that dovetail each of "Last Wish"'s verses.

There are glimmers of hope here, but they come in fits and starts and only crop up with any real consistency on "Coming of the Dark". For the most part, this is boring, predictable drivel - a real shame considering how much promise this band has demonstrated in the past.
Track Listing

1. Watch It Burn
2. Ruination Of The Lost
3. Shadows Of The Light
4. Eyes Of Black
5. Last Wish
6. Arise The War Cry
7. Equinox
8. Coming Of The Dark
9. The Fallen
10. Overcome
11. Disillusion


John Maggard – bass, backing vocals
Justin Foley – drums
Trevor Phipps – vocals
Buz McGrath – lead guitar
Ken Susi – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

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