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Battle Through Time
February 2017
Released: Janu, Self Released
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Undrask, a five man combo coming from North Caroling presenting their first album named "Battle Through Time". If you are a fan of Melodic death metal, do not miss this album and if you are a fan of Amon Amarth, early In Flames and Carcass, be sure to listen to this album right after you read the review. This album may be one of the best newly released melodic death metal albums right now.

The lyrics, as the album title says is a story of a man battling in different dimensions and alternative universes. The lyrics are pretty amazing, and give a really good shape of the album it self. The vocals-Perfect, growling vocals as they should be on a melodic death metal album. The guitars are really good, whirling riffs everywhere, there are even better solos. The riffs get stuck in your hear after literally half a song. The combination of the who guitars, rhythm and lead , are perfect, while the one is engaging the tangling solo, the other one is keeping it all in touch perfectly.

All of the songs, keeping up with a very very big energy in them can give you a glimpse of how this guys are serious about the work. With only 1 or 2 songs slowing down in the whole album, there's a balance so you don't get too carried with the headbanging.

Looking at the album as a full peace it really gives you a good experience. It is an all in all 100% genre fulfilled album. As a band formed in 2013, going for a metal style like this is a really really brave move, and it has really worked out well !

Review by Kire Jovanovski
Track Listing

1.No Graves for the Dead
2. Conscripted
3.Champion of the Dawn
4.Black Ocean
5.Embers and Omens
6. Longhammer
7.Primal Revelation
8. Faceless Eyes
9. Final Right
10. Battle Through Time


Erik Collier - Lead Guitar
Darryl DeWitt - Rhythm Guitar
Daniel McCoy - Bass Guitar
Aaron Schimmel - Drums
Steve Wynn - Vocals

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