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November 2009
Released: 2009, AFM
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Is Udo Dirkschneider 70 years old yet? The guy has been around since the very early 70s, almost 40 years in the biz, and still rocks like a 45 year old. Kidding aside, Udo and U.D.O. still do their thing. Great 80s styled riffs, sweet leads, and Udo's definitive vocals, pierce the ears and bludgeon the eardrums. It's amazing that this is U.D.O.'s 12th album, far more than what Udo recorded as the frontman of the legendary Accept.

U.D.O.'s not breaking barriers here. They've carved a niche for themselves and are more than happy to stay there, growing awesome verses into magnificent choruses. Take the title track for instance, with its fabulous grinding main riff, leading towards a righteous gang vocal refrain, 'Dominator' is sure to be a live classic. This method repeats itself throughout the record with other memorable tracks like 'Black and White', 'Heavy Metal Heaven', and the eerily similar to early W.A.S.P. styled choruses, 'Infected'. There's even a ballad ('Whispers in The Dark'), never Udo's strong point, which comes off quite well.

Surely not digging up new ground, instead they've buried a treasure chest in that hole, chock full of classic records, easily distinguishable and well defined. It's a recipe that's worked since the beginning of Rock music. Combine great melodies with chunky rhythms, and you've got a great record. And even with the passage of time Udo's insane vocal still works. He still makes you want to laugh and headbang at the same time.
Track Listing

1. "The Bogeyman"
2. "Dominator"
3. "Black and White"
4. "Infected"
5. "Heavy Metal Heaven"
6. "Doomride"
7. "Stillness of Time"
8. "Devil's Rendezvous"
9. "Speed Demon"
10. "Whispers In the Dark"


Udo Dirkschneider: vocals
Stefan Kaufmann: guitar
Igor Gianola: guitar
Fitty Wienhold: bass
Francesco Jovino: drums

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