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Dead Inside
February 2014
Released: 2014, Downfall Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The gothic Swedes in Undecimber have gained some attention through various media using their music in trailers and films. To say that Undecimber’s music fits well as background might be harsh, but it is the case here without necessarily putting a bad meaning to it.

Undecimber delivers groovy riffs, charming choruses and a pleasant, smooth sound.

It is pure, simple goth metal with not many layers or experimental adjustments added to it. And it is the simple recipe that makes it work. The vocal is deep and mature without being too flirtatious or over the top.

Undecimber´s music never becomes extravagant or extremely attention seeking, but there is a lot of charm and simplicity lingering around their musical universe and that is why the record actually is way more interesting than a first glance might indicate. We are talking all the clichés and all the aspects you may find outdated.

Undecimber are not Tiamat, Sisters of Mercy or any other alikes. Don´t expect too much, but if there is a bit of lust towards old school goth n´ roll this works just fine.

Review by Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

01 Beyond the Grave
02 Dead Angel
03 Fatal Kiss
04 Hell and Back
05 Scars of pleasure
06 Solitude
07 Tears of the Past
08 Three Pagegs from Hell
09 Wait in the Dark
10 War Zero


Lash (Guitar)
Mizzy (Bass)
Snakes (Vox and Guitar)
Zkipper (Drums)

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