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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
Blood Lust
August 2011
Released: 2011, Killer Candy Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

From the band’s bio:

“Arriving at an abandoned barn beneath a dead summer sky, Uncle Acid sets up his crackling vintage tweed amp. Nestled between bales of hay he sings tales of murder, lust and horror. He is soon joined by two female deadbeats he met hitchhiking. Playing on battered old pawn shop instruments, the trio record their tales onto a broken 8 track tape machine. A strange dynamic appears within the band, as Acid reveals himself as leader and controller of minds. The band has now taken over the barn. Illegal electricity powers old televisions and amplifiers. Old horror films play constantly as the trio delve deeper into a strange understanding based on drugs, lust and control. The music continues...”

Hammer Horror, devil worship, mind control, and 70’s styled fuzzed occult doom? Uncle Acid, how have we not crossed paths before? Mythos aside, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats specialize in the kind of macabre retro grooves that are usually found in Lee Dorrian’s secret stash. BLOOD LUST is the trio’s latest self released effort, and man does this album swing. Recalling classic late 60’/early 70’s occult rock like Coven, Necromandus, Comus and the obligatory Sabbath, the album is a relentlessly dark and equally infectious collection of jams.

Much like recent occult superstars Ghost, Uncle Acid finds an unlikely union in over the top supernatural horror and melodic, stoner fueled tunes. The 9 tracks on the album are crafted with classic rock accessibility – groovetastic riffs that get your hips swaying and your head nodding, sing-a-long verses, and psychedelic synths abound. Seriously, had “Over and Over Again” “13 Candles” or “I’m Here to Kill You” been released 40-years ago, they’d probably be classics today. Okay, maybe the title of the latter would have to be changed, but the songs themselves are a magnificently crafted homage to a time and place that only appears to exist in Rob Zombie films anymore. Even the sound of the album is a trip back in time. Recorded on vintage analog equipment, BLOOD LUST sounds like it was born on vinyl. So even if you’re listening to a high quality digital version of the album, it still sounds like the songs are piping from wax spinning on your turntable.

BLOOD LUST was limited to a run of a mere 100 physical copies, and aside from the bio above, not much is known about the band, their history or their future intentions. But through consistently positive word of mouth and the magical power of the interwebs, the Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have grown into a cult phenomenon. Doomaholics across the net have already acknowledged BLOOD LUST as the rare gem that it is, do yourself a proper and find out why.
Track Listing

1. I'll Cut You Down
2. Death's Door
3. Over And Over Again
4. Curse In The Trees
5. I'm Here To Kill You
6. 13 Candles
7. Ritual Knife
8. Withered Hand Of Evil
9. Bonus Track


Uncle Acid – Vocals, Guitars, Organs
Kat – Bass
Red – Drums

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