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Into The Pit
August 2008
Released: 2007, Retroactive Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Album number 4 for this Christian thrash metal band and INTO THE PIT should please the Ultimatum fanbase to no end, considering that it’s been some 7 years since the release of their last effort THE MECHANICS OF PERILOUS TIMES. As a band, Ultimatum essentially focuses on the early sounds of Exodus, Vengeance (Rising) or OverKill and has admirably stayed true to a sound that was pioneered between the mid to late eighties.

INTO THE PIT hits hard with “Deathwish” and “Game Over” which is effective thrash metal, played with feeling and taste. Elsewhere, “Transgressor”, “Blink” and “Blind Faith” rage with purpose and should satisfy old school metal fans. While it’s not an innovative effort INTO THE PIT does a solid job of staying true to thrash metal, a style that is getting a lot of attention nowadays. Whether Ultimatum gets a piece of the pie or not – they have been in existence since 1992 - INTO THE PIT proves that they have a lot of life left in them yet.

Also of note is vocalist Scott Waters who delivers a performance that would make Roger Martinez of the late Vengeance (Rising) proud. While his death/thrash vocals are convincing it must be said that they sometimes do not fit the more traditional nature of the material as is the case on “Exonerate” or “Blood Covenant”. Interestingly enough Scott sounds great on the band's version of the Iron Maiden chestnut “Wrathchild” where he sounds very much like the late Paul Baloff of Exodus and is a style he should incorporate into future recordings.

Ultimatum is to be applauded for their thrash metal ethos because INTO THE PIT is a genuine album that is devoid of trends and gimmicks. If you happen to be on the lookout for a band like this then check out Ultimatum because their hearts (and sounds) are in the right place.
Track Listing

One for All
Blood Covenant
Heart of Metal
Blind Faith
Into the Pit
Game Over


Robert Gutierrez: guitars
Scott Waters: vocals
Rob Whitlock: bass
Justin Frear: guitars
Alan Tuma: drums

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