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Into the Pit
June 2008
Released: 2008, Retroactive Records/Music Buy Mail/Artist Worxx
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

After six years of silence, Ultimatum has risen again. From the moment I push play I hear well played old school thrash metal in a furious tempo coming out of my speakers. The music is both technical as well as complicated with many edgy and heavy guitar riffs at the top of the mix. Musically, Ultimatum is similar to Exodus, Overkill, Forbidden and Megadeath and if you’re into those old heroes, I’m sure you won’t have a hard time appreciating Ultimatum.

Despite the fact that the band only has one guitarist, I’d have to say that the guys have managed to create a crazy guitar sound. The guitars together with lead singer Waters voice makes it all reminds me a lot about Overkill, especially because Waters’ voice has a lot in common with the Overkill’s Ellsworth. Guest guitarists on the album are Augustine Ortiz and Steve Trujillo.

INTO THE PIT is a great album and the only negative is that the sound and production has a tendency of sounding really 80’s. In fact the production sounds so retro you may actually think the band is an old relic from the 1980’s. I do love the fact that the material oozes 80’s, but I really wish it had a little more updated and fresh production. The weak production, oftentimes lame guitar parts and the somewhat anonymous rhythm section don’t do the songs justice, especially in the cover of Iron Maidens “Wrathchild”.

INTO THE PIT has it moments, but Ultimatum needs to update their sound and production on the next album. They should also develop their own approach and not be so similar to Overkill, Exodus and the rest of the old thrash metal heroes. Sure, influences are great but when you sound so much like your favorite band that you lost your own musical identity it’s time to get new input.

Killer tracks are “One For All”, “Deathwish”, “Blood Covenant”, “Heart of Metal” and “Blink”.
Track Listing

1. One For All
2. Exonerate
3. Deathwish
4. Blood Covenant
5. Heart Of Metal
6. Wrathchild
7. Transgressor
8. Blink
9. Blind Faith
10. Into The Pit
11. Game Over


Robert Gutierrez – guitar
Scott Waters – lead vocals
Rob Whitlock – 4/8 string bass
Alan Tuma – drums

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