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Navy Metal Night
October 2015
Released: 2015, AFM Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The heavy metal dynamo that is Udo Dirkschneider just keeps on kicking ass and providing his fans with music, even now at the age of 63. With NAVY METAL NIGHT, Udo greets us with yet another double live album & DVD release, this one recorded back in 2014. The hook this time is that, on this night the U.D.O. band was recorded live with the German North Sea Marine Music Corps, a full-on military orchestra. It may seem like Udo is going to the live well a bit much these days (this is third double-live release since 2012), but fortunately, with this album he was wise enough to offer up a lot of rarely played U.D.O. tracks. So many, in fact, that only 3 songs overlap with each of his last two live albums. With 17 tracks (excluding intro) that still leaves a whopping 14 songs that haven’t been heard live in quite some time.

As mentioned, this concert was recorded with a full military orchestra and it’s clear that the band and musical director put in the time to fully integrate the orchestra into the songs. This isn’t simply a normal U.D.O. live show with a bunch of classical musicians blaring away in the background. Instead, the orchestra’s used to punctuate the music and fill in the gaps, and even occasionally take the lead (check out the lounge version of “Cut Me Out”!). They’re also given 3 “solo” tracks without the band (“Das Boot”, “Ride”, “Hall of the Mountain King”).

As with everything else U.D.O. does, everything about this release is high quality. The camera footage is crisp and clear with plenty of shots of the crowd pumping their fists, singing along, and just generally having a good time. The music is similarly crystal clear and Udo sounds as lovably raspy as he always has. The track selection is appreciably deep and even includes a nice duet with Doro (“Dancing with an Angel”).

There are really no flaws I can mention. It’s definitely a somewhat different take on the live album and your mileage will vary based on how much you can stand orchestral versions of metal songs. I love it if it’s done right, so I’m definitely on board with this. That said, the three purely orchestral songs could easily have been replaced with more U.D.O. music. Long live U.D.O.!
Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Intro
2. Das Boot
3. Future Land
4. Independence Day
5. Animal Instinct
6. The Hall of the Mountain King
7. Heart of Gold
8. Man and Machine
9. Dancing with an Angel
10. Faceless World
Disc 2:
11. Ride
12. Days of Hope and Glory
13. Cut Me Out
14. Trainride in Russia
15. Stillness of Time
16. King of Mean
17. Book of Faith
18. Animal House


Udo Dirkschneider : Vocals
Andrey Smirnov: Guitar
Kasperi Heikkinen: Guitar
Fitty Wienhold: Bass
Francesco Jovino: Drums
North Sea Marine Music Corps: Military Orchestra



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