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Nailed to Metal:Live: The Missing Tracks
October 2003
Released: 2003, AFM
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Ya knew this was coming. When fans bitched that his last double solo platter LIVE FROM RUSSIA didn’t have enough classic Accept on it you just knew these tracks were in the vault somewhere. Unfortunately the band or the label, are pandering to the fan-base who are living in the past to a degree and are demanding Accept stuff. On a so-called U.D.O. solo live album six of the ten tracks are Accept songs. Yes, I fully understand and have to ‘accept’ that UDO will be linked with Accept until the day he dies but I can’t help but feel his last nine studio solo albums are just as good as Accept ever were. Accept was along time ago but here we are with yet what amounts to another Accept live album with yet another version of ‘Metal Heart’, Restless and Wild’ and ‘Fast As A Shark’.

The CD is about an hour long and will be sold separately from the DVD version or all together as one package. Basically you can pair this with the previous Double Live and you get the entire history of the massive and monumental Russia leg of the Holy tour.

Three of the four remaining Non-Accept tracks are pulled from HOLY, two of them are duplicates from the previous live album. A drum solo is on there which is great because I love drum solos, especially live ones! There is a song called ‘Hard Attack’ which I do not recognize at all from either UDO or Accept. Another neat feature is UDO doing the Accept tune ‘XTC’ which he did not originally sing on but did cover for the Accept tribute a year or so ago, an interesting choice for inclusion.

There is nothing wrong with this live CD…it just seems to me a bit early after the 26 song double live album from just under two years ago and doesn’t offer too much…it seems like the leftovers, which is exactly what it is. The crowd is nice and loud, the band is tight, the songs are big and anthemic and well produced pretty much everything a live CD should be. A curio for collectors and an average album overall not without it’s veteran Germanic charm.

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