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Temple of the Absurd
" ""Mother, Creator, God"
April 1999
Released: 1999, High Gain Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Temple of the Absurd's strong point is that they are able to span across many metal genres from groove metal to death/black and thrash metal to hard rock. How in the hell do they do that you wonder? Well you can mainly thank their talented female lead vocalist Sabina Classen! Not often is there a female vocalist who can sound evil, vile, brutal and gentle. Another reason why this music has appeal across the genres is that the music is catchy while at the same time brutal. This is not some indecipherable wall of noise that you can't pick sense out of. "Mother, Creator, God" is the second CD from this German band, the first "Absurd" being released in 1996.

A limited number of copies of "Mother, Creator, God" comes with a second "enhanced" CD filled with all kinds of goodies like band info, video clips, pics in 3 languages no less!! Even if your copy does not contain the enhanced CD I think there's something here for everyone. The only thing that could round out the band's sound even more would be additional lead guitar and maybe some higher pitched singing. Besides that, all bases are covered..hell there's even multiple languages on the CD. It's mainly English but there's also German on there. Also of interest, prior to TOTA Sabina was in a band called Holy Moses with none other then the legendary bassist Dan Lilker (SOD, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, etc.). If you are interested in ordering the CD contact the band via e-mail at
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