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Temple of Gnosis
Mystervm Magnvm
July 2015
Released: June, Goathorned Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The debut of Temple of Gnosis, Mystervm Magnvm, is a promising start from the musician H.M.T. H.M.T. as a sole musician achieves a quite impressive sound world within Mystervm Magnvm. The EP consists of four seven-minute long songs with intriguing elements interspersed throughout the EP as well as within songs.

The song writing revolved around the idea of V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M. from alchemical literature, which can be interpreted as the need to embrace the darkness in order to achieve any kind of enlightenment; a perfectly fitting concept to focus on from an act titled Temple of Gnosis.

The title track ‘Mystervm Magnvm’ starts with building a dark atmosphere during which we can hear the dark grumbling chant before the music breaks into a crushing doom riff. The use of almost industrial sounds within this riff is one of the prominent features of this song. The overall feeling of the song reminds one of a engulfing towards the darkness. The vocals, while certainly outside the norms of the aesthetics of doom/death metal, they add a lot to the experience of the song, as well as the album, working alongside with the constant low rumbling sound which in my mind depicts the core of the earth.

‘Portae Lvcis’, referring to the sounds from the first song, reminds us where we are. In terms of its soundscape, the song is more traditionally doom metal, I can even feel the Shape of Despair influence in the keyboard track and its progression. The breathy sounds and the harsh vocals of this track together increase the overwhelming weight that is sure to be felt. The spoken section in the song seems a bit over-processed in my opinion, however, it does not deter from the desired effect of the track on the listener.

‘Thoth-Mercvrivs’ continues in a similar manner, except for the surprising drone-like section. The middle of this track skilfully uses drone sounds to abstract you from the perpetual density of the atmosphere and leaves you, briefly, to meditate. Finally, ‘The Great Seducer’ reminds one of a birth and bewilderment at the same time. The EP ends with a bell that epitomises the journey neatly.

Mystervm Magnvm as a whole is an impressive debut from H.M.T. The production quality is reminiscent of the late 1990s, which makes the tracks very enjoyable to listen. There are influences from other death/doom or funeral doom acts, but the vocals are something different in this EP, a gratifying difference to the genre. I am certainly charmed by this debut of Temple of Gnosis, from both musical and conceptual standpoints.

Review by M. Selim Yavuz
Track Listing

1. Mystervm Magnvm
2. Portae Lvcis
3. Thoth-Mercvrivs
4. The Great Seducer


H.M.T. - All instruments

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