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Temple of Eternity
August 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

On the heavier/deathy side of the metal spectrum comes Temple of Eternity, another indie band that is trying to make some waves with a short EP album. The interesting feature of this band is that they combine early-era Machine Head crunch to go along with the death vocals and riffing. If nothing else, it makes for a crushingly interesting listen! Hell, I'd even say that they get the Machine Head crunch down better than Rob Flynn and co. do these days (not that that is a very hard thing to accomplish given the shite that was on The Burning Red). Anyway…

The trick to the ToE sound is arriving at the perfect mixture of their disparate styles. Unfortunately, they don't reach this goal at all times in the three songs presented here. Opening title track "Iced" is probably the best of the bunch, introducing the ToE attack quite effectively; guitars careening around while Sito growls all over the place. I could do without the attempted melodic guitar leads because they sound totally out of place on the song! Leave the obvious melody to other bands guys, the death groove is where you're at your best! "Iced" also highlights a production problem: anything to with bass is lost. You can kinda hear Johan's bass drumming, but it sounds like someone pounding on a cardboard wall.

"Solace" is a quick little blast of a song; whizzing by and leaving you feeling like you've been hit by a Mack truck. Short, but effective. However, closer "Daylight Begone" is an attempt at atmosphere, complete with (weak!) female vocals. This is a form of metal that has been done to death, and it takes more than some whiny female to sing "haunting" lines to make it effective. Had Sito sung the song himself with his growl it would have been much better. Ah well, this is a very young band right now, and they are obviously serious about making an impact. Plus, they're another indie band this month with great cover art…hmmmm. Contact:

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