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Temple of Blood
Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind
February 2007
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

How many of our readers remember the great thrash band Believer? I’d guess (hope!) quite a few of you. Believer was a technical old-school thrash metal band whose main claim to fame was that they were a Christian band that was truly heavy (unlike say, Stryper). What is the point of this little history lesson you ask? Well, Believer may be long gone but there is another band that’s picked up the Christian-thrash mantle: Temple of Blood!

Now, I know that for many metal fans that the Christian lyrics are a complete turn off. I’ll be honest: there are more than a few lyrics on PREPARE FOR THE JUGDEMENT OF MANKIND that are preachy. Be warned.

That being said, I’m still going to try and persuade you to give Temple of Blood a chance. Why? Because they play some damn fine quality thrash metal. Not The Haunted-styled “thrash” but true, old-school thrash like the big 4 used to play. The only difference is that Temple of Blood is actually more technical than most of the mid-‘80s thrashers, and vocalist Jim Mullis’ vocals are ultra-melodic, as in, a little TOO melodic at times. It actually takes a while to get used to his style, as his smooth, strangely powerless voice doesn’t seem to gel with the music.

But oh, what music these guys can play. Take the one-two punch that comes in the middle of the album with “Spiritual Warfare” (sermon alert!) and “Trampling the Serpent”. Heavy, technical, and aggressive, for me these two songs show how good Temple of Blood can be.

While there are few songs that fall flat, for me the one thing that really puts Temple of Blood over the top is the fantastic, old-school production. Sparse and yet clear (you can really hear the Steve Harris-esque bass lines) the production really helps give the album that old-school feel.

There is no doubt that Temple of Blood is going turn off some people with their music and personal beliefs, but I still recommend checking them out. This is some very solid thrash metal and there just isn’t enough of that around these days!
Track Listing

1) Destruction of the Twin Cities
2) Conviction
3) Return to Eden
4) Spiritual Warfare
5) Trampling the Serpent
6) Seeking the Truth
7) Legion of the Crypts
8) The Ultimate Sacrifice
9) Realm of Insufferable Burning (The Horrors of Hell)
10) Delivery Us From Evil


Jim Mullis: Vocals, Guitars
Garth Lovvorn: Bass
Matt Barnes: Guitars
Lance Wright: Drums



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