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The Legend Of Goody Cole
July 2013
Released: 2013, Unsigned
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

What might seem like yet another progressive rock artist who has released yet another concept album, this time around turns out to be quite a big deal, as Telergy is a band/project that was started by a composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Robert McClung and unites countless talented and well-known musicians from all around the world.

The Legend Of Goody Cole is the second album by Telergy and it brings together many guest musicians, like Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Joel Hoekstra (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Night Ranger), Valerie Vigoda (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Cyndi Lauper, Groovelily), Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and many other classical music and prog rock performers.

Telergy gained great recognition and success amongst prog rock fans after the release of the debut album The Exodus in 2011 simply because of the untraditional approach to storytelling and the great musicianship.

2013 has seen the release of the second album The Legend Of Goody Cole – a historically inspired opus that tells a true story of Eunice "Goody" Cole, who was convicted of witchcraft in the small New England town of Hampton, New Hampshire in the year 1656. Eunice was formally accused of witchcraft three times in her lifetime and was imprisoned in Boston Jail for almost 15 years.

Upon her death, she was buried in an unmarked grave in Hampton and legends suggest that a stake was driven through her heart "in order to exorcise the baleful influence she was supposed to have possessed". Eunice “Goody” Cole’s ghost has been reported to wander the town at night searching for her grave stone.

As The Legend Of Goody Cole is a full-on prog record, it’s does not come by surprise that some songs on the record go over 10 minutes and some of them last nearly half a minute. However, it makes a great mix and does not sound chaotic, as the album is very well structured and carefully follows the storyline.

The Legend Of Goody Cole incorporates lots of atmospheric sound effects and spoken word samples that adds a great character and are very important to fully understand and keep track of which direction the story is heading.

To completely enjoy the rather frightening and mythical story, the album must be listened in full - from the beginning to the end. It’s hard to name a specific highlight from the album, as the story develops and flows into one whole song. However, some of the most dynamic parts of the album are “Rumours”, “Verdict” and “Ghost”. Songs like “Incarceration” and “Exoneration” are beautiful and peaceful symphonic pieces to perfectly contrast the heavier parts of the album.

The Legend Of Goody Cole atmospherics and sound effects are symphonic and mysterious. The musical performances on the album are spectacular, as well as the musical arrangements are complex and fluctuate from pounding heavy metal to delicate classical music. And as absurd it may seem, Robert McClung has found the perfect way to blend together these distinct styles and make it work.

Telargy is an unsigned and independent project, which makes it even more remarkable knowing that Robert McClung has managed to pull it off and bring together such great musicians all by himself and without help from any major record label. As well as that, the profits from The Legend Of Goody Cole will be donated to the Hampton New Hampshire Historical Society, in an effort to update and restore Goody Cole’s currently unmarked memorial.

The Legend Of Goody Cole is a must-hear album for all the progressive rock, symphonic and even folk music fans, as well as those who are into witchcraft and different mythical legends, as it is guaranteed to entertain, educate and blow your mind, all at the same time.

Review by Anna Dumpe
Track Listing

1. Meeting House Green, Pt. 1 (1:22)
2. Scene 1 (0:29)
3. Rumors (10:09)
4. Scene 2 (0:47)
5. Accusations (9:18)
6. Meeting House Green, Pt. 2 - 4 (5:23)
7. Scene 3 (0:28)
8. Verdict (3:04)
9. Scene 4 (0:30)
10. Incarceration (2:36)
11. Scene 5 (0:23)
12. Voyage (2:58)
13. Meeting House Green, Pt. 5 (0:28)
14. Ghost (10:26)
15. Scene 6 (0:55)
16. Exoneration (4:50)


Various Artists.

Each Telergy album features an incredible array of top notch musicians from all over the world. Far too many to list here.

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