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May 2003
Released: 2003, Mausoleum Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The roots of Technocrazy were conceived in 1998 when Steve Machano and Phil Demmel fused their thoughts and sounds to forge a creative relationship. Phil had previously been a member of Vio-lence, Machine Head and Torque. Mark, Chris and Brian were recruited over the next year and a half to complete this talented line-up. The quintet set about combining a heavy wall of guitar parts a digital sound in a hydrid of current European –style of electronic music and the ´East-Bay´ metal sound. Unlike many of Technocrazy´s counterparts, the band relies on the use of more accessible melodic vocals, creating a commercially viable sound all their own.

All that being said in their label´s info kit a relatively descriptive enough way about Technocrazy´s sound, should give you an idea what kind of musical ingredients Technocazy is made of indeed. To me Technocrazy´s self-titled debut sounds like the guys have put a lot of emphasis on Phil´s heavy guitar riffs that actually are where they have build up from the band´s main sound from. Also, luckily lots of space has been given to Chris´ bass parts that in fact, make their basic sound even heavier than one could believe at first. A combination of Phil´s crunching yet very heavy metal-driven guitar - and Chris´ bass parts are basically that thing what made me to check the album out in the name of my always burning curiosity; added with some programming stuff and Steve´s clean parts made it even more of an interesting package as a non-stop listening experience for me personally. This really wasn´t that bad as stuff at all by any means as I a bit skeptically thought at first. Actually the whole album contains some of the heaviest guitar parts I have got to hear for a while. As some sort of a comparison, some of the stuff on this Technocrazy album brought Canadian Obliveon´s later musical period a´la CARNIVORE MOTORMOUTH to my mind mainly due all this programming stuff and downright heavy guitar –orientated background on the album. Fuck… honestly some of Phil´s guitar riffs are even heavier compared to all that stuff he penned, let´s say, for Machine Head or for his first band, Vio-lence!! It all sounds like he´s gone absolutely mad with all his ideas for the heaviest guitar riffs possible as the riffs are really damn heavy which is of course a fuckin´ cool thing all in all. You need a proof? You will get it for sure then. First off, turn the volumes to maximum and sink your teeth into such songs as “Lobotomy”, “How We Die” and “I Survive” and you will agree me on everything I said about Phil´s maniac-like heavy grinding riffings on this Technocrazy´s exciting debut slab of sounds of plain metal and electronic music. I´m sure there´s a bunch of you people out there who might find this combination worth checking out at least. Technocrazy grind your miserable balls to dust… it´s a pretty damn bad-ass shit here indeed… quite honestly!!
Track Listing

01. Prognosis
02. Education
03. Naiad
04. Replacements
05. Attk
06. Truth
07. Lobotomy
08. How We Die
09. I Survive
10. Not of This Earth
11. Cancer


Phil Demmel – Guitars & vocals
Steve Machado – Vocals & programming
Chris Addison – Bass
Brian Snyder – Keyboards
Mark Hernandez – Drums & percussion

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