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September 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 3.9/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

In a need of some brutal Death Metal? Then maybe you want to check Finland´s Torn out as they can offer some at least. Since Torn released their debut album on a small Finnish label Severe Music back in 2002 already, the guys have switched some instruments inside the band and became from a 4-piece band to a 3-piece band. Tuomas Karppinen, who played a rhythm guitar on Torn´s debut album titled VIOLENT ECSTASY, has switched his guitar to bass now and Tuomo Latvala who took care of the bass parts on the band´s debut album, concentrates on playing drums in Torn these days. Only Aki Järvinen, the band´s growler and guitarist, has stayed behind the microphone and still prefers torturing his 6-stringer as he did two years ago, so one may wonder what kind of musical direction they may have taken within these past years as a 3-piece band compared the songs on VIOLENT ECSTASY? Well, they still sound fast, brutal, heavy, etc. – like a very American sounding Death Metal act a bit into Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Immolation, etc. vein, only having gained a bit more technical and could I even say, more carefully ´thought-out´ approach to their songs than before. Especially all that can be said about the 2nd track on this 3-song promotional-CD called “Beyond Mortal Scopes” which can easily be said to be the most convincing and absolutely heaviest song that these somewhat young fellows in Torn have managed to put together so far. All the heavy riffing in it with some damn tricky and cleverly arranged guitar parts, made me to play the song over and over and all over again, also offering me a wishful reason to think that this particular song is just one example out of all new songs they have already ready and in store for their next full-length record. “Beyond Mortal Scopes” pretty much pulverizes and grinds a weak-minded listener down with its sheer godly heaviness in a positive way and I really would love to see them churning out more similar type of stuff into “Beyond...” vein in the future.

The two other songs on this 3-song promo, “Insane Paradox” and “Wrapped in a Mantle of Anger” that are, are both good tunes as well that remind me more of the style they had on VIOLENT ECSTASY, being a bit more blast beat orientated, more fast-paced and more grindy songs all in all, full of a potentially boiling adrenaline that just is waiting for getting fully unleashed in its sharpest and most cutting shape. But nevertheless, the band is ready for a battle with this new promotional release of theirs and I bet Torn will be picked up some label in less than no time that has an understanding for some quality Death Metal. Have guts to bet for that?

A final note: All the three songs are available for a download (no excerpts – just full songs only!) via their home site, so if you are a sucker of this type of an extreme Death Metal, then Torn is probably meant for your liking...
Track Listing

01. Insane Paradox
02. Beyond Mortal Scopes
03. Wrapped in a Mantle of Anger


Aki Järvinen – Vocals & guitar
Tuomas Karppinen – Bass
Tuomo Latvala - Drums

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