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Thrash Command
August 2014
Released: 2013, StormSpell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

While StormSpell is usually known for traditional and Power Metal acts they do dabble in other genres and Traitor is Germanic thrash of the highest order.

THRASH COMMAND is the bands second release following an independent Live album debut back in 2009. In 2012, they issued this album and later in 2013 StormSpell reissued it with bonus tracks. The label did a good job with the packaging, a 10-page booklet with lots of pictures, a little essay about the history of the band, lyrics and production notes. The cover is gorgeous, rendered by Andreas Marshall (Sodom, Kreator) depicting a grim thraser taking out some posers at a concert attended by posers listening to a band called ‘The Posers’. Killing posers is a time honoured topic in thrash realms and I’m glad to see this young band carrying on the tradition, at least metaphorically! The next victim in the foreground looks suspiciously like a very young Dave Ellefson to me!

Like all good thrash the speed is consistently high and the vocals are really raw with gang-style chants and lyrics about war, death, hate and other thrash topics. The thrash beats propel the album along and the songs are pretty conventional in arrangement and length laced with good riffs and decent solos. Overall the energy level is high and the actual album (without bonus tracks) is a compact 38 minutes of whiplash inducing head-banging fun. The bonus tracks are nothing special, but do give the listener a sense of where they came from.

THRASH COMMAND is pretty ripping and raw thrash in the 80’s Germanic style. In their liner notes of thrash command, Traitor said, ‘Our mission is to remind our listeners of the trademarks of 80’s German thrash…’ Mission accomplished!
Track Listing

1. Thrash Command
2. Brutal Exorcism
3. Merciless Hate
4. Death Division
5. Virtual Tormentor
6. Spiritual Warfare
7. Traitor
8. Raising Hell
9. Temples of Doom
10. F.U.A.D.

Bonus Tracks

11. Thrash Kommando
12. Brutal Exorcism (demo)
13. Merciless Hate (demo)
14. Death Division (demo)
15. Raising Hell (demo)


Andreas Mozer Drums, Vocals
Gerd Hery Guitar
Robin Mauser Guitar
Lorenz Kandolf Bass

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