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September 2012
Released: 2012, W.T.C Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Evil, the sound of rain kicks off this record and that’s all you need to picture it, though to be fair, the use of rain in a death/ black metal album is little too overdramatic. The line up however will chill you to the core. On guitar, we have Skyggen from Dead to this World and Gorgoroth- Live guitar. On Vocals we have Barghest from Spearhead. And to complete this line up on drums we have Erik exGorgoroth and exAeternus!! Oh yeah, pure evil line up!!

TORTORUM was started back in 2010 by Skyggen in the Norwegian city of Bergen, though the idea for this project was born somewhat years earlier. The core drive for this band is their love for the dark side and their combined hatred for slavish religions consuming in an abyss of disgust and mockery the fall of mankind with his rotten world and values, dark or what!!? Skyggen started by recording his own private demo, then Barghest arrived on the scene in May 2011. TORTORUM went into the studio to begin recording the Extinctionist when Erik appeared to help with the artillery.

Now the record itself sounds evil, with the opening track Aeonscourge is the epiphany of death/ black metal, as I said earlier opening with the sound of rain and thunder before opening with the pounding of the drums and guitar. With Barghest’s howls filling the track, god doesn’t exist in this record. With other epic tracks such as Grace of hatred with kicks of straight away with the demonic scream from Barghest, Fucking worthless where the title tells how this track is going to pan out haha!! And Mother Infirmity which opens with the furious pounding guns that is Erik, who keeps up the monstrous pace through out this entire record.

All in all if you are fans of Gogoroth or even bands like Watain, Behemoth or Dimmu Borgir then get your hands of TORTORUM: Extinctionist, you won’t regret it!!

Review by Wolf Shankland
Track Listing

1. Aeonscourge
2. In pestilence majesty
3. Grace of hatred
4. All mercy devoured
5. Kindling the world conflagration
6. Fucking worthless
7. Gloria in extinction
8. Mother infirmity
9. For the ruin of all


All Guitars: Skyggen
Vocals: Barghest
Session drums: Erik

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