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Son of a Blizzard
October 2008
Released: 2007, Einheit Produktionen
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Melodic pagan black metal hailing from Germany...Does this sound tempting to some of you? Well, it did for me - and I´m glad I did check this German black metal outfit Trimonium out because, these Germans at least try to differ from most of today´s black metal pack.

First off, one cannot find any keyboard parts dominating Trimonium's sound at all, or any other annoying samples taking command of the band´s 3rd album SON OF A BLIZZARD. The guys count on the power of traditional heavy metal instruments (guitars, bass and drums) to get their message through (excluding the intro called “Mirror Hall”, which is played with some old folk instruments) - and they do a pretty fine job with them.

Secondly, if you are a fan of, let´s say, HAMMERHEART era Bathory and Immortal´s last 2-3 albums - with a more thrashy feel, then SONS OF A BLIZZARD is obviously something for you. Trimonium plays kinda epic, enjoyable melodic and fast-paced black metal (all of their songs being circa 5-8 minutes in length) that is thoroughly well executed, strongly harmonic and melodic enough to catch the attention of a few extra pairs of ears for sure. The aforementioned two big names of the whole black and viking metal genre - Bathory and Immortal, are probably the ones that have influenced a big part of Trimonium´s sound even if they are clearly not copycats of either of these two names.

Trimonium´s vocalist, who likes to use ´Teutonnic´ as his artist name, sounds quite a lot of Immortal´s Abbath - and I wouldn´t wonder at all if some of you mistakenly confused his voice to Abbath´s. He sounds really good with his dry and squeaky growls - his vocal parts fitting very well into the songs like a battle-axe in a bloodthirsty and barbaric warrior´s hand. With lots of rhythmic variation - added on the top of some relatively intense run of riffs and aggressive non-stop drum work, it makes the whole album a pleasing listening experience all in all.

Based on this surprisingly good musical effort from Trimonium on SON OF A BLIZZARD, the next thing I need to do is to hunt down the band´s 2 previous albums down for myself, OF WARRIORS AND HEROISM (2001) and BLOW THE HORNS (2003).
Track Listing

01. Mirrors Hall
02. Son of a Blizzard
03. The Wisdom of a Crying Stone
04. Return from the Battle
05. Choose the Weapon
06. My Blood for Yours
07. A Sign in the Sky
08. Waste of Blood


Teutonnic - Vocals and guitars
Ivar - Guitars
Blaze - Bass
Helltrasher - Drums

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