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Total Devastation
March 2005
Released: 2005, Firebox Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Digging industrial-tinged Death Metal? Well, this Finnish sextet offers you exactly that, so get ready to either love it or hate it. RECLUSION is Total Devastation´s follow-up album to their promising debut titled ROADMAP OF PAIN that was released via Finnish Firebox Records 2 years ago. There is no ´up-dated news´ to report from their side, because to me, it looks like Total Devastation hasn´t even tried to peel of old skin with their new album. They continually play around with almost the same pieces of musical elements that they already had in a strong use on ROADMAP OF PAIN, only sounding a bit more mature and tighter than they did 2-or-so-years ago which shouldn´t be any of that surprising at all. Or should it?

On RECLUSION, the guys have cleverly, and even quite successfully, borrowed and combined bits from the sounds of Morbid Angel, Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis and even Rotten Sound, into one package. The main emphasis on RECLUSION is the heavy and powerful Death Metal riffs (about 55-65% out of all time) that remind me of those familiar and monstrously heavy riffs that can be heard on some Morbid Angel albums. Such songs as “Reclusion” and “Converted Illusion” are good examples of that. The N.I.N. and Neurosis influences can be heard in the songs “They Stand on 3” and “Bleeding Time”. For some Death Metal purists it may be kinda hard to swallow this kind of experimenting that Total Devastation do. On the other hand, I am sure many think that is exactly what makes them such an interesting and exciting band to listen to. I openly admit, without hesitation, to belonging in the latter mentioned group.

The production on RECLUSION is in good balance, supporting each instrument somewhat equally. The album´s main producer Janne Saksa has done a damn fine job behind the mixing desk and I believe the band members are nothing but absolutely happy with the result.

I can warmly recommend this album if you won’t get scared off from the first few seconds, or run away by hearing such an ´odd´ or ´weird´ term as an industrial-infected Death Metal. In the spirit of Morbid Angel to Neurosis, accept the fact that Total Devastation has really made a good sounding, and above all, a very unique album that only lacks a couple of ´hot-hit songs´. There is some good stuff here. The limited slipcase edition will contain the Autopsy cover song “In the Grip of Winter” plus a video for the song “Reclusion.” Yes, love it or hate it.
Track Listing

01. Murderous
02. Divine
03. They Stand on 3
04. Reclusion
05. Full Circle
06. Converted Illusion
07. Ground Zero
08. Repentance
09. Well of the Dead
10. No Surrender
11. Bleeding Time


Jaakko Heinonen – Vocals
Harri Pikka – Guitar
Lauri Pikka – Programming & backing vocals
Jarmo Pikka – Drums
Saku Hakuli – Guitar
Pasi Hakuli - Bass

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