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March 2009
Released: 2008, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

When someone names their band ´Trollfest´, you pretty much get a picture of what to expect from a band with that kind of name, don´t you? Either grim and buzzsaw type of 2-chord black metal raped by darkness, or crazy, drunken trollish wankfests arranged by some lunatics who have been isolated from modern society way too long. Follow the latter one, and this is what this Oslo-based Trollfest is all about basically.

The band´s third album, VILLANDEN, doesn´t actually differ that much from the same pile of folkish orientated bands in which bands like Korpiklaani, Finntroll and such, love to mess around and have fun with all those humppa / folk / cottage / feast / gypsy / campfire / whatever ingredients they have got available in their hands there. Trollfest are, however, a bit more ´tongue-in-cheek´ focused than their comrades in the same crime, sounding not that mean and evil like f.ex. Finntroll does. They just take their shit to another level of craziness that gives this bunch an extra dose of freshness and even a sort of credibility to be considered as worth checking out.

I really like the crazy and relentless drive they have going on this release, combining many sort of elements together in a nice way, Trollmannen´s somewhat hysteric, screeching vocals making a great addition to their spicy soup of different metal and non-metal influences. Hell, these drunken Norwegian bastards even make a great difference how they look like a bunch of Canadian lumberjacks on the CD inner sleeves more than anything else. Insanely entertaining? Hell yeah! Their infernal duck reigns supreme, too.
Track Listing

01. Wo Bin Ich jetz Aufgewacht?
02. Der JegerMeister
03. Uraltes Elemente
04. Villanden
05. Per, Pål og Brakebeins Abenteuer
06. Der Uhr Ist Skandaløst Schändlich
07. God Fart
08. Festival
09. En Ny Erfaring
10. Trinkevisen
11. Die Kirche undt der Mache


Trollmannen - Gutteral gneldring
Mr. Seidel - Forvrengt Stälfela
Psycho Troll - Grosse Vralte Strengen
Trollbank - Trommeskvett

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