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Tuck From Hell
March 2011
Released: 2010, Metalville
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Of the three thrash albums I reviewed this month (Tuck, Attackhead and Havok) musically this is the best. Let’s cut to the chase, Tuck From Hell is a pretty dumb name for a band. It rhymes with ‘suck’, ‘yuck’ and of course ‘fuck’. It’s too easy to make fun of (for those inclined to do that sort of thing) and really has nothing to do with thrash. Plus, there is a rapper called Big Tuck although I don't think anyone in the record store will confuse the skinny white thrash guy with the big black rap guy. I don’t mind when a band makes up a word (like Savatage for example) or even uses an obscure word to name their band. Or Latin. Even misspelling a word is better than this. Tuck means to begin eating, so the name just rubs me the wrong way because it has no connection to Metal. The ‘From Hell’ part makes it even worse. They were formerly known as Brother Tuck, which is only marginally better. So now that I’ve commented about the bands choice in name, lets concentrate on what really counts, the music, because you can’t judge a CD by it’s cover (or band name!)

Speaking of the cover it is very cool, it’s a mean looking dude with a flame-thrower, very similar in look to Captain Krunch of Laaz Rockit and the style is reminiscent of Ed Repka, it could be him behind the airbrush. It's a strong metal image that suits the ripping thrash inside. The thrash is kinda older style, Bay area with humourous lyrics. It’s not the ultra-heavy, new thrash like Suicidal Angels it certainly has a bit more fun laced into it.

The vocals are rough and battle-ready, they remind me of the dude from Forced Entry. The guitar tone nice and crunchy and everything sits well in the mix. There are lots of nice fast solos too which I always love. The pace overall is fast but not blisteringly fast where the riffs get buried in a wall of noise.

For a new, young band from Sweden I’m pretty impressed. They haven’t got any of the Swedish sound they have nailed the old US sound very well. THRASHING is very entertaining and a lot of fun. The track ‘Headbanger’ with it’s catchy chorus and gang-vocals refrain of ‘Unleash The Beast!’ is easily my feel-good thrash anthem of the month.
Track Listing

1. Barbecue Beast
2. Death Before Disco
3. Tuckerz
4. Italion Stallion
5. I'm Rollin'
6. I Hellbilly
7. King of Thrash
8. Idol of Gold
9. Headbanger
10. Tequila Race


Niklas Ingels - Vocals
Petrus Granat - Guitar
Marcus Bengts - Guitar
Tomas Sonesson - Bass
Nils Fredrik Johansson - Drums

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