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Loss Angeles
September 2004
Released: 2004, Inside Out Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Children of Bodom clones no more! What was once a catchphrase that TOC (Throne of Chaos) should have spouted at every show they played is now a definite quality of their music. They have finally stepped out from the shadow of their more well-known countrymen with a bizarre slab of melodic metal that bears almost no resemblance to the blackened shred-fest of COB. Rather, TOC have concocted a wholly cheesy yet strangely satisfying style of metal that harkens as often to classic 80s metal as to jazz and progressive music. I mean that in the best way possible.

From the vicious thrash assault of “Break-a-Neck” to the power ballad caterwaul of “Mary Lou is Dead” to the Sunset Strip-ified riffage of “Acid Highway”, TOC clearly travels a path that is both slightly insane and superbly their own. Fact is, as arcane as most of LOSS ANGELES is, it is an ultimately satisfying piece of chameleon meat that somehow convinces despite what should be obvious flaws. Said flaws including schizophrenic song-writing, occasionally unconvincing vocals, and two amusing but overall useless covers to close out the disc (I would be interested to hear what Deep Purple thought of this totally coked-up speed metal version of “Smoke on the Water”).

Still, LOSS ANGELES is one hell of a ride, like sitting in the passenger car of a train that has flown hopelessly off the rails. It’s sometimes scary, but always thrilling. If you’re hankering for something completely different, TOC will definitely satisfy.
Track Listing

1) The Window
2) Mary Lou is Dead
3) Acid Highway
4) Gothamburg
5) Blue Lady
6) Wait
7) The Blue Lady Suite
8) Break-a-Neck
9) Bite the Bullet
10) Smoke on the Water
11) Night Crawler


Tuomas Nieminen: Vocals
Rasmus Nora: Bass
Taneli Kiljunen: Guitar
Joiku Harmaja: Guitar
Carl Sjoblom: Keyboards
Snake Laitinen: Drums

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