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Tuatha de Danann
January 2002
Released: n/a, Heavy Metal Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Thiago Martins

Let’s have some weird exercise right now. Imagine, if you are able to, how a band would sound if they put elements from bands like Queen and Jethro Tull mixed with others from Blind Guardian, Rhapsody and Skyclad, and sometimes a death metal growl appears here and then. It’s difficult? Well, not for this Brazilian band. That’s exactly how they sound. The most weird is that they seem natural. The most unbelievable: it’s catchy. Their first self-titled album was very good, but it had a horrible production. Well, this second album has songs even better than on the first one, and they sound as good as any other band, way better than on the other.

When the first song starts, “Dance of the Little Ones”, you can sing its melody easily, and in the second time Bruno Maia, the lead singer, guitar player, who also plays the flute, whistles and mandolin(!!!), sings the chorus for the second time, you are already following him. The second one, “Battle Song” has an easy chorus -- something like a scream “OooooOOOOoooh” -- and it’s weird, because it’s powerful, it’s glorious, something like a mix of Blind Guardian and Manowar. It’s difficult to give some highlights to this album, since all of the songs are amazing, but the drunk songs “Fingafor” and the song that gives name to this album are always fun to listen, “Tan Pinga Ra Tan” has some Queen influences, “Vercingetorix” is the most aggressive one. After a difficult search, the best song of the album is “Some Tunes to Fly”. Well, it starts slow and beautiful, then it gets aggressive, then it slows down again, it gets moody, then it becomes death metal with a melodic solo, and so it goes...

Well, of course, it’s difficult to memorize the name of the songs. But try to memorize this band and this album as one of the most original and exciting albums released this last year. If you’re looking for something different, this is the band. Well, their only problem is the fact that they don’t know the English language very well – their lyrics sound even worse than these lines I’ve written and the way they are sung are terrible. But, believe me, you wouldn’t even notice this after listening to this album.
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by Thiago Martins

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