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Tommy Bolin
Teaser: 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set
July 2015
Released: 2015, UDR
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

TEASER is one of my all-time favorite albums. Fell in love with the tune back when Motley Crue covered it for the MAKE A DIFFERENCE album and picked up the disc shortly thereafter and loved it ever since. While I haven’t listened to it in awhile the news of this deluxe 3LP/2CD set caught my interest. My CD sounded perfectly fine but I never owned any Bolin on LP so I had to get this.

Upon putting the first LP on it sounded drastically different from what I remembered. The tracklist was different and more songs. Upon further investigation I found out it was alternate mixes and outtakes. Sweet!! As I sat back with a cold beverage the sounds coming from the stereo were glorious. It was pure listening satisfaction. It was as if I was discovering this album for the first time all over again. In many ways I was as these versions were all completely new to me. In what seemed like no time at all I was through all 15 songs on the 6 sides.

For someone that enjoys Tommy’s music and only owns the basics then this is a no brainer. If you are a die-hard and own the Tommy Bolin Archives releases then this is probably a rehash and piece meal set of what you already own. I think it’s a wonderful set in just about every way. The LP’s are pressed really well and are dead quiet and flat. They are each housed in their own cardboard jacket inside the box along with a nice LP-Sized book and a Live compilation 2CD set.

My only gripe with this release is that the original album was not included. Apparently the original Master is lost which may have been why it wasn’t. Apart from that this is a perfect set to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of an incredible album. My only hope is that UDR has begun work on a similar one for PRIVATE EYES.
Track Listing

LP 1 - Side A:
1. Teaser
2. Flyin Fingers
LP 1 - Side B:
1. Wild Dogs
2. Cookoo

LP 2 - Side C:
1. Chameleon
2. Lotus
LP 2 - Side D:
1. The Grind
2. Crazed Fandango

LP 3 - Side E:
1. People People
2. Smooth Fandango
3. Marching Powder
LP 3 - Side F:
1. Homeward Strut
2. Dreamer
3. Savannah Woman
4. Oriental Sky

Best Of Live
CD 1:
1. Teaser - My Father's Place
2. People People - My Father's Place
3. The Grind - My Father's Place
4. Wild Dogs - Live at The Northern Lights
5. You Told Me That You Loved Me - Live in Albany
6. Stratus - Live at Ebbets Field
7. Post Toastee - Live in Albany
8. Hoka-Hay - Energy KBPI Broadcast
9. Homeward Strut - Live at Ebbets Field

CD 2:
1. Shake the Devil - Live at The Northern Lights
2. Marching Powder - My Father's Place
3. Lotus - My Father's Place
4. Homeward Strut - Live at The Northern Lights
5. You Know, You Know - Live at Ebbets Field
6. Crazed Fandango - Live at Ebbets Field
7. Post Toastee - Live at The Northern Lights
8. Walk In My Shadow - Live at Ebbets Field


• 3LP & 2CD Box Set
• 180g Vinyl
• 12" Art Booklet



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