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S/T Demo
April 2007
Released: 2006, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

When it comes to metal of all kinds, Mexico has always been a great country for introducing metal bands for many decades. Unfortunately, some Mexican bands have been left relatively unknown, and never made any breakthroughs for a bigger audience for some reason or another.

Hopefully, that will not be the destiny for this young Mexican five piece named Tormentor. The band combines Thrash Metal with traditional Heavy Metal, which they do pretty well actually. The band was formed around middle of 2005, so these guys have had enough time to shape their guns for their first, full scale strike, which they also managed to do pretty convincingly with their fire power for some catchy and well-churned out metal.

The first thing a listener will direct his/her attention to on this demo, is Omar´s vocals because his melodic signing style has some elements that brings to mind ex-Iced Earth´s vocalist Matt Barlow. The man obviously has skills for signing even if he is no match for Matt´s voice as far as his overall vocal range is concerned. The second thing that everybody surely pays attention to is the band’s ability to meld bits from both Thrash - and traditional Heavy Metal together pretty effortlessly and painlessly. Muscular Thrash -riffs combined with melodies of Heavy Metal create a sort of winner´s recipe on this 4-song demo that many should undoubtedly find pretty appealing for themselves. Sure, many other bands do that very well these days, too, but I guess this is the first time for me to hear a band from Mexico to do it so well, nailing down all those bites and bits into their sound in such a nice and pleasing way. “Night of the Living Dead”, the last song on the demo, proves it loud and clear that Tormentor are nearly pro-masters of this ´mixing-Thrash-with-HM´ game which should prove good for them with their next release(-s).

I guess it can already be proclaimed with an open mind that we will hear from them much more in the future - not probably today or tomorrow, neither next week nor next month, but certainly sometime in the future. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Eye of the Dead
02. With Steel and Pride
03. Metal Is Forever
04. Night of the Living Dead


Omar - Vocals
Diego - Lead guitar
Jose Luiz - Rhythm guitar
Azael - Bass
Abdiel - Drums

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