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Addiction of Fools
January 2007
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

When I first saw this CD in my “To Be Reviewed” pile, I thought that Torok was a new band. When I popped in the CD and heard classic Van Halen-styled hard rock, I was shocked to hear a new band playing this decidedly old-school style. Further research showed that Torok has been around for a decade, with ADDICTION OF FOOLS being their 3rd official release. Wow. Oh yeah, and guitarist Mike Torok used to be the guitarist of underground legends Impaler (IF WE HAD BRAINS WE’D BE DANGROUS, OLD SCHOOL GHOULS etc.). Double wow.

So yeah, bizarre history aside, Torok is a pretty kick ass band. Combining the mastery of Mike Torok’s guitar and the powerful energy of Bryan Erickson’s vocals, the band hearkens back to a time when Van Halen and Whitesnake ruled the airwaves. At times the band is actually heavier than Van Halen, but the party rock purpose and summertime feeling is intact. If one looks deeper though, it’s easy to see that lyrically, the band does not quite share the same perspective of Diamond Dave and co. Torok’s lyrics a more introspective and angrier, providing a nice change of pace from the usual fare.

It’s no secret that the star of the show is Bryan Erickson. His vocals are WAY up front in the mix and it’s him that first makes an impression when “Wolf Within” opens the album. He is more than up to the task, featuring a set of pipes that could have made this band into stars if this was 1985. Even so, hard rock-inclined readers will find Torok to be a revelation in 2006. The band has honed their craft for many years and their experience shows clearly on ADDICTION OF FOOLS.
Track Listing

1) Wolf Within
2) Full Moon
3) 1000 Reasons
4) Addiction of Fools
5) Infamy
6) Do U Harm
7) Y
8) Breathin’
9) The Burden
10) Forsaken


Mike Torok: Guitars
John Jankowski: Keyboards
Bryan Erickson: Vocals
Bill Holmberg: Bass
Tim Davis: Drums

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