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Toxik Society
Living Kufeso
October 2009
Released: 2009, Unsigned
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

LIVING KUFESO is a re-recording of three songs from Toxik Society's demo LIVING THRASHERS. From Spain, like the original title implies, they perform old school, bay area styled Thrash Metal akin to Exodus, Hirax, and Heathen. A captivating little disc that's sort of captures the earliest sound of Thrash, there's no real modern elements, strictly a throwback, probing the unprocessed sound of the genre's creators.

Though it's a bit sloppy at points, not quite in time, the raw quality offers a nice retro sound. The vocals at times, especially on 'Morbid Crypt', are reminiscent of a young Paul Baloff, besmirched and unclean. All the trademarks of Thrash are in the forefront, double bass, heavy riffing, and the dirty aforementioned vocal. A rehashing of sorts, the songs still come across as youthful and fresh. The sweet guitar solo on 'Toxik Invasion' deserves a mention, fast and melodic, it's well placed and fits nicely.

Given the lack of originality, LIVING KUFESO is still an enjoyable spin. While the typical review may focus on the fact that there's nothing making Toxik Society definable in its own right, the exploration of the art of Thrash is certainly welcome and worth checking out. If you want to transport yourself to 1984, throw this baby in the player.
Track Listing

Morbid Crypt
Toxic Invasion
Human War


Jose - Drums
Camillo - Bass
Mark - Guitar and Vocal

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