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Treponem Pal
Weird Machine
August 2008
Released: 2008, Listenable Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Treponem Pal started out a long time ago. The band first started out in 1986 and their self-titled debut album was released in 1988. The band have released numerous of EP’s, albums and live albums as well as having toured a lot during the 80’s and 90’s. Because of the touring the band has done through the years they have built a very solid and loyal fanbase as well as gained cult status in the entire world. In 1999 the band was put on hold but now, after many years, is it time to awaken the beast again.

The thoughts of a reunion started when the original member Marco felt that he wanted to get back in the business again and brought along original member Didier. They started off by writing new material. The other participants on the album are Ted Parsons (Swans, Prong, Godflesh, and Jesu), Polak and Paul Raven (R.I.P) (Killing Joke, Pigface, Ministry etc). Treponem Pal is now consisting of Marco, Didier and Polak. The rest of the musicians are only guests on the album.

The music is pure industrial metal with some really heavy guitar riffs with keyboards and samples. The tempo is slow and there lies an air of doom and Goth metal over the music. Singer Marco does a good job when he partially sings really slowly through the songs. The keyboard and the sampling are run by Didier and he has a lot to do through the entire album. The rhythm section is solid, heavy and really tight and guitarist Polak throws out some really dangerous guitar riffs.

WEIRD MACHINE clocks in at 50 minutes and the band paints a cold and electronically musical landscape and you can really imagine yourself standing in an abandoned warehouse with rain poring down on you when you hear the sound of chains rattling in the wind.

The albums works best in songs like “Planet Crash”, “Unclean”, “Mad Box”, “Freak Machine”, “Human Attack”, “Evil Angel” and “Never Give Up”. But on the other hand are there a few songs that don’t really make it and that’s why the album is given a medium rating.

WEIRD MACHINE is not going to go down in history as a ground breaking new album but it offers you a few hours of entertainment. Fans of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry are going to love this new Treponem Pal disc.
Track Listing

Dirty Dance
Planet Crash
Hardcore Massive Soldier
Mad Box
Sonic Life
Freak Machine
Human Attack
Evil Angel
One More Time
Never Give Up
The Revolutionist (bonus track)
Religion (bonus track)
Manimal (bonus track)


Polak – guitar
Bud – bass
Marto – drums
Dead Fred – guitar
Marco – lead vocals
Didier – keyboards, samplers

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