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Total Eclipse
Guardians of Metal
January 2000
Released: 1999, Independant
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Rick

Total Eclipse is an up and coming band from the Bay area in California. This is an area known for turning out such metal heavyweights as Testament, Exodus and the once mighty Metallica. Total Eclipse play a melodic brand of metal combining the power of Judas Priest, the epic tendencies of Blind Guardian with a tiny dose of Bay Area thrash thrown in for good measure. Total Eclipse formed in 1996 in Fresno, California by brothers Erik (guitar) and Chris (guitar) Cameron. They moved to the Bay area in 1998 and recruited Roman Ochoa on drums and Owen Hart for bass duties. The final piece to the puzzle was Andy "Dracons" Giardina who had been in various bands in Italy before moving to the U.S. to pursue his musical career. The musical influences of Total Eclipse range from Queensryche, to Iron Maiden, to Judas Priest with some Blind Guardian and Slayer thrown in for good measure.

If you like epic power metal with progressive tendencies then Total Eclipse are a band that you should keep your eye on. I don’t mean any Dream Theater influenced keyboards just some nice time changes and different beats. This is the first recordings that the band has made but you wouldn’t be able to tell it from this disc. Although a little rough in spots it’s a great showcase of the bands music. The CD kicks off with an interesting classical guitar piece and which segues into the opening track aptly titled as "Guardians of Metal." If these guys are the guardians of metal than I think we have true champions! This tune just rocks! Lots of cool guitar harmonies highlight this track as does the drumming of Roman Ochoa. The song slows down in the middle with an interesting little bridge before screaming back into the original riff. Damn cool! Track number 2 is entitled "Bloodbath" This track is a little more groovy in spots but again screams metal! "Nevermore" is bit of a faster track which shows the thrash influences of the guys. The final track is "Storm Warning" This is a fitting closer to a metal CD. Lots of great guitar work by 21 year old Chris and 19 year old Erik. Again this song has an interesting bridge and a very progressive feel. The rhythm section of Owen Hart and Roman Ochoa is tight on this track and lets not forget the mandatory high pitched vocals from Dracons. The disc closes out with the same classical guitar piece giving the disc a nice feeling of closure. Can everyone scream HEAVY METAL!!!!!!!!

Total Eclipse are a great indication of what's happening on the North American metal scene. True metal is finally rearing its head after years of being subdued under the burden of the great rap explosion and bands such as Korn Chamber. With an average age of just under 23 years of age Total Eclipse have a great future ahead of them. "Guardians of Metal" is a great introduction to this band. Lets just hope there are more up and coming bands out there like Total Eclipse to hold the flame of metal high!! If you would like to know more about this new band you can check them out on the web at
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