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World of Glass
December 2001
Released: 2001, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

I sat down to write this review about 2 hours ago. As soon as I started there was a news flash on TV and the news of another plane crash in New York. Needless to say that I was drawn away to that for a little while. Now I am back and as I have been listening to this CD the whole time, found that it made a good soundtrack to the events that happened today. WORLD OF GLASS is the latest release from Norwegian Gothic Metallers Tristania. Their former CDs include WIDOW’S WEEDS (1998), BEYOND THE VEIL (1999) and MIDWINTER’S TEARS/ANGINA (2001). The lineup is Vibeke Stene: vocals, Kjetil Ingbrethsen: vocals, Anders Hoyvik Hidle: guitar, Rune Osterhus: bass, Osten Bergoy: vocals, Einar Moen: synth and programming. This is the first release done without former lead vocalist and guitarist Morten Veland. There are also appearances from Ronny Thorsen of Trail of Tears who add his brutal vocals and Pete Johansen of The Sins of Thy Beloved who contributes his classical violin overtones. With the release of this CD Tristania are embarking on a headlining tour with Rotting Christ, Vintersorg, Finntroll and Madder Mortem.

WORLD OF GLASS is a nine song disc of gothic metal but with some little twists thrown in for variety. There is a definite techno feel to some of the songs which is an interesting touch. Not that it overpowers the music at all, its just used a colouring. I know that some diehard fans don’t want to see them take this direction and if they follow the techno path any further I would have to agree with them but for now it is not overbearing. "The Shining Path" opens the CD with one of the more aggressive songs from the disc that highlights both the soft female and extreme male vocals. "Lost" is one of the songs where the techno effects are more pronounced. As I was listening to this song the guitar riff reminds me of the riff from Maiden’s "Powerslave". "Deadlocked" is a ballad which highlight the melodic and haunting vocals of Stene. I just couldn’t get this song out of my head and kept listening to it over and over. Good tune. The title track is a more straight forward song that kicks of with some crunching guitars but quicky adds the choir vocals. Stene is not the featured voice on this track and that gives it a different feel than some of the other songs on the CD. The almost 8 minute "Crushed Dreams" closes out the release and manages to cover most of the elements of Tristania: female, male (both clean and extreme) vocals, orchestration, violin and more, all in one package.

Tristania must be doing something right. Their headline tour which I mentioned above looks to be an awesome bill that will get loads of attention. WORLD OF GLASS is a good CD that builds on the Tristania sound by bringing in new elements and ideas. This might upset some of the bands more faithful supporters but will also attract some new fans.
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