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No Longer Buried
September 2006
Released: 2006, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Well, dip me in chocolate and call me a doughnut because the metalcore fad has come full circle. Sweden’s Trendkill successfully channel the very riffs that American bands (and to a lesser extent, the Germans) have been purloining from their Swedish counterparts for the past five or so years. On NO LONGER BURIED, Trendkill mix their Pantera, Machine Head, Hatebreed, et al melodic aggression with Meshuggah’s down-tuned staccato vibe to create a modern-sounding metal record that will appeal to fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Anata drummer, Conny Pettersson, is one of the founding members of Trendkill, and despite the band’s oddly ironic name (they play the very music that is all the rage right now), NO LONGER BURIED is a decent, listenable metalcore album that is completely devoid of any surprises but will cure anyone hungry for a meal of hostile vocals, breakdown-heavy grooves and melodic riffs.

Adrian Westin’s vocals are a cross between those of Philip Anselmo and The Haunted’s Peter Dolving, wavering between a choppy hardcore bark and a growling snarl. “Dedication” owes much to Pantera’s melodic leads and riffs as Erik Mansson and Andre Gonzales deliver blow after blow of biting guitarwork. Pettersson’s double bass and Marcus Wesslen’s chugging bass drop a meaty breakdown and Westin plays the tough-guy vocalist role perfectly. His Dolving-like bellow on “Timeless Quality” is straight off of The Haunted’s 1998 self-titled debut and the catchy but aggressive chorus of “Break The Silence” could have been lifted from Machine Head’s BURN MY EYES. “Walking Dead” is chock full of familiar thrash riffs and the similarities to bands like Carnal Forge, Hatesphere and The Haunted are clear. With the exception of the slow, churning outro to “Nothing For Granted,” tempos are fairly standard from track to track with speed ruling the roost to lead up to a breakdown that anyone familiar with this style of music can hear coming a mile away. As I said, no surprises.

Trendkill is certainly the odd-band-out, in terms of geographic proximity to the metalcore havens of Germany and the United States. Sweden is better known for its brutal and melodic death metal, so Trendkill could certainly have the market cornered in their home country but on a global perspective, there are a tremendous number of bands out there right now climbing over each other for recognition. NO LONGER BURIED is a well-played, but all-too-familiar metalcore album that will please fans of the genre but Trendkill need to get a little more inventive on their second album because they will undoubtedly have trouble getting people to take notice simply due to the infestation of similar albums already available.

KILLER KUTS: “Dedication,” “Timeless Quality,” “Break The Silence,” “Walking Dead”
Track Listing

1. Judge Me Now
2. Dedication
3. Timeless Quality
4. Break The Silence
5. One Step Closer
6. Walking Dead
7. Headshot
8. From The Beginning
9. Nothing For Granted


Adrian Westin—Vocals
Erik Mansson—Guitar
Andre Gonzales—Guitar
Marcus Wesslen—Bass
Conny Pettersson—Drums

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