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Transport Leauge
Grand Amputation
September 2003
Released: 2003, Crash Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Crushing and bitter disappointment. TL have been around for a long time rising from the ashes of the Swedish band B-Thong. I had assigned TL a much lower priority to listen to because I had heard B-thong and was not at all impressed.

However time and critics kept TL in the public eye and ear and through the positive noise about the band, I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they would be pretty cool. I had imagined them to be more in a modern Entombed style and was looking forward to hearing them. How wrong I was.

Crash has re-issued this short five track EP from the European label and I don’t know what they were thinking. This is most certainly the dark-horse of the labels usually flawless roster. GRAND AMPUTATION has embraced most the unpleasant and undesirable characteristics of mallcore.

The presentation overall is appealing, a cool cover, neat use of colour and layout, good title, (no lyrics) and interesting photos round out a very acceptable package. The production is loud and bright and clear and powerful! This disc sounds great! But all these extraneous things that are in essence icing on the cake cannot mask, weak songs in a style that I just don’t like at all.

A virtually pointless intro track leads into a mess of loud, unpleasant and jarring songs with little tonality or thought for structure. Lots and lots of yelling, very little in terms of harmony or melody and a guitar tone that sounds so distorted as to lose any organic feel whatsoever. Forget about innovative or interesting solos! The riffs are of the simplest construction adding to the plodding feel to the whole affair.

The vocals are just really bad in my opinion. That awful mix of whiny, 90’s grunge-style virtually spoken-word stuff interspersed with relentless yelling and shouting all mixed in a rap-like staccato cadence which drain all fluidity or enjoyment from the vocals.

I’ll bet any number of fans of the modern rock stylings of Godsmack or any number of faceless Ozzfest acts will really dig this modern, simplistic style of loud rock. Destined to be one of the few skeletons in Crash Music’s usually immaculate closet of treasures.
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