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Torben Enevoldsen
Heavy Persuasion
January 2002
Released: 2000, Lion Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Instrumental guitar hero CD’s are hard to review because it is a very competitive genre and one that is difficult to do well. Other strikes against guitar heros are lack of vocals and lyrics as a focal point and the song structure often takes a back set to the soloing. The solos have to be pretty damn amazing to counter the negative affect of these other points.

Unfortunately Torben Enevoldsen solo’s do not have that punch to put his CD over the top. Bottom line. I know that sound harsh but this CD just lacks the punch it needs in the song-writing department and soloing to make it a truly kick-ass solo CD.

Don’t get me wring there is nothing technically wrong with this CD. I mean there is much I could pick on, boring cover, boring graphics, boring song titles like “Heads Up”, “About time” and “Off Limits”. At least Vai and Macalpine have bizarre song titles about funky flying blue Egyptian monkeys or something. It has 10 songs ranging in time between 3:54 and 5:22 and all hovering at a mid-tempo. Only on “Temple of Hope’ does Torben let rip a little.

I can’t really think of anything “bad” to say..the production is fine, the solo’s are in place, but it all seems a little …drab. I don’t know, maybe I’m too harsh (and I am on a Joe Stump kick lately) but as far as grades go this is a perfectly good, solid, enjoyable European, guitar hero style CD. Don’t get me wrong, despite the negative commentary I like it, I’m glad I heard it and I will recommend it to others, however it will be lower on the list of priorities.
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