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Transilvanian Beat Club
Das Leben Soll Doch Schön Sein
January 2009
Released: 2007, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

As the album title hints, this is a German act and the majority of the band’s members are also involved in the band Eisregen. TBC’s debut album was released in 2006 and since the release has the band toured a lot. They have been support act to Jack Frost and Debrise Inc as well as performed at festivals like Hardtaste Open Air and Wacken Open Air. The bio states that TBC’s music is a mix of death/black metal and rock’n’roll. A bit further down in the bio it says that the music also contains elements of punk and old school death metal. I’d say the music is a strange and unpleasant combo of battle metal, ordinary metal and heavy rock’n’roll.

The strange mix only wants me to rip my ears off; there can’t be a sane human being that actually can enjoy this kind of music. TBC has probably done one of last years most lousy album. This isn’t music; it’s only horrible sounds that come out of the stereo. The fact that the band has decided to sing in German only makes the pain last longer. The lead singer isn’t a singer because he hasn’t got any kind of vocal range at all. The rhythm section is somewhere outside and doing their own thing and the keyboardist just throws out random tunes. This is just as sad collection of tunes that isn’t worthy to be called music.

The bio also says that the lyrics and material have matured since the debut album. If this is mature songs and material, I’m really glad that I haven’t heard the debut disc. The songs are not cohesive at all and most of the material feels really un-tight and depressive. There isn’t one single song that is bearable amongst the 10 ones, this is pure insanity in a bad way. How dare Germany let this band represent their country?
Track Listing

Das Leben Soll Doch Schön Sein
Schwarze Katze
Schwarze Witwen (Sterben Gehen pt Eins)
Der Mann Am Strick (Sterben Gehen pt Zwei)
Die Ballade Von Pavel Dem Saufer
Road To Transilvaningen Hell
Die Traurige Wahrheit Uber Werwolfe
Der Apfelbaum
Exzess Deluxe
Der Bauer Im Ruin


Yantit – vocals, guitar
Blutknecht – bass
Fr. Dr. Franzenstein – drums
Jakowar – trumpet
DF – organ

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