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Torture Killer
November 2003
Released: 2003, Karmageddon Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Death Metal knows neither boundaries nor there´s enough of an old-school Death Metal available nowadays into vein of the golden era of the ´90s Death Metal style. Or is there actually? Well, at least Torture Killer is still a pleasant addition to that pile as these Finnish maggot grinders and flesh-ripping goreheads have obviously understood more than well how this ´90s sounding Death Metal is supposed to sound like. Quite surprisingly indeed, they don´t remind me of any Scandinavian Death Metal acts with a familiar ´90s-style swamped into their fat-ass heavy sound. Not at all, but it´s actually a band like Obituary that could be pointed as Torture Killer´s biggest and clearest influence. Some hints toward Six Feet Under´s direction could be thrown as well ´coz Torture Killer´s vocalist, named Liuke, growls almost as low and deep as Mr. Barnes himself. But I like Liuke´s guttural growls a bit better. Why? I wish I could explain you that, but I can´t, sorry. Barnes´ voice hasn´t ever been too much into my liking either, so maybe that´s why?

As for stand-out songs on FOR MAGGOTS TO DEVOUR, it´s kind of a hard task from me to pin them down because overall these 5 rotten flesh messiahs have apparently tried to make the songs sound equally strong, powerful, brutal, vile and damn heavy in its entirety and they haven´t failed a bit with their noble plans either. But however, such songs as “Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds”, “Motivated to Kill” and let´s say “Strangulation” definitely wipe off a stupid-looking smug from your face within seconds by a kiloton of ´extra dose´ of brutality and sheer heaviness and that some other similar caliber albums unfortunately just don´t include at all.

The band´s bone-crushing riffs and dead-heavy tempos just roll you over somewhat determinedly through the whole album and through the 9 songs that they have recorded for this incredibly enjoyable and positively surprising Death Metal opus. If you are fond of Obi´s slowly rotting Death Metal stuff and can even accept Barnes type of growls around the music, then Torture Killer has definitely been made for you. Fuckin´ ace quality Death Metal shit I say that prolongs a heritage for the mid ´90s Floridian Death Metal style a fantastic way!!

Join the flesh feast together with Torture Killer now (... preferably in thousands of tiny pieces, of course!!).
Track Listing

01. Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds
02. Sadistic Violation
03. Motivated to Kill
04. Necrophag
05. Fuck Them When They Bleed
06. No Time to Bleed
07. Torture to Death
08. Gore Terror
09. Strangulation


Liuke – Vocals
Hatakka – Rhythm & lead guitars
Laine – Rhythm guitar
Karppinen – Bass
Latvala – Drums

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