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Tora Tora
Miss B. Haven'
August 2010
Released: 2010, FNA Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

For the next few months of the summer of 2010 I’m going to be bring you a series of six (or more) reviews of a great CD reissue campaign by a new, young label FNA Records. My rating reflects the score of the sites guidelines and the appeal to modern fans of heavier genres but if you are a fan of the band and the genre, I would rate this a full-point higher and give it a strong recommendation. Check out the other reviews in the series.

What a treat, another full-length studio album from Tora Tora. Much like BOMBS AWAY (reviewed here last month) these are unreleased songs from the WILD AMERICA sessions. Naturally older fans of the band will know that these sessions and songs were just slightly heavier (for lack of a better term) than the debut album. The cut ‘Ride The wind’ is as heavy as anything they have ever done. The songs that didn’t make the cut were still very decent. The pre-production is still very listenable, with Corder’s voice being a bit farther back in the mix, but still clearly distinguishable.

FNA the label responsible for handling the reissue campaign for the band presents the usual quality package and even more bonus tracks, three of them this time. ‘Who Am I Too Blame’ is likely their slowest most blues-drenched song they had ever attempted before taking off to the races with a massive solo section in the middle, that seems out of place. I can see why the song might not have made the cut for the fairly up-tempo and punchy WILD AMERICA. Again this is a real gem for fans, over a dozen ‘new’ songs that likely most people (myself included) have not heard before, so essentially, in my mind it is a full new album. Anytime we get more of a great band like Tora Tora is a good thing!
Track Listing

1. Take It As You Like It
2. Ain't Nothin' To It
3. b-Song
4. Bite The Bullet
5. Ride The Wind
6. Can You Take My Blues Away
7. Mary Wants Some
8. Time To Let You Go
9. Serious
10. Bad Attitude
11. Who Am I Too Blame? (Bonus track)
12. Love And War (Bonus track)
13. Down On You (Bonus track)


Anthony Corder-Vocals
Keith Douglas-Guitar
Patrick Francis-Bass
John Patterson-Drums



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