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To This Day
Chapter One: Between the Bridges
March 2007
Released: 2006, 1981 Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Puking forth from guitarist Greg’s garage in 2004, To This Day is yet another in the long line of hardcore/metalcore bands that have been polluting airwaves ever since Shadows Fall and Hatebreed popularized the form, which of course was followed by a total emasculation of the genre by wankers like Atreyu as they emo-ized it into the whiny bitch-fest that it is today. Ah, the things we do in the name of making a buck. Or are forced to do by the record labels. You decide.

Anyway, as I said, To This Day are yet another entry into this overcrowded marketplace, and truthfully, they do absolutely nothing to stand out from the crowd. Oh sure, all the shouting and chugging are here in spades, but I would bet ten to one that about twelve other bands could write these songs in their sleep. That’s not to say that this album sucks, ‘because it doesn’t, but it sure as hell doesn’t try very hard to impress either. The old school, punkified attack of “Nameless” is kinda cool though…oh wait, they just threw in a breakdown, never mind. I should have known better – we need to keep the spin-kickin’ masses happy.

Hey, if this stuff is your particular java-blend, go ahead and order a big steaming cup. As for me, I need a couple of Advil from the headache I’m getting here. Still, they get a full half point for titling a song “Spelunking” That word always amuses me. I don’t know why. Hehehe. “Spelunking”.
Track Listing

1) Unfolds
2) Spelunking
3) Choking
4) Nameless
5) Legend
6) One Hitter Quitter
7) OM
8) Danny Fresh & Ruffle Skirts
9) Pieces
10) Texas Funerals & Flapjacks
11) Greenhouse Effect
12) Blackout


DJ: Vocals
Ian: Bass
Monkis: Drums
Greg: Guitar



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