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Titan's Eve
Chasing The Devil
May 2015
Released: 2015, Self Release
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Titan's Eve are a four piece thrash band that are maintaining a strong presence at the top of the Canadian metal scene with now what's to be their third full studio release in 'Chasing the Devil'. The album provides eight songs of Titan's Eve own well honed brand of modern thrash which gives the listener a stable platform to dive off and induce waves of metalpileptic fits whilst also illustrating a subtler, gentler side to these four beastly bear fighting bearded Canadians.

'We Defy' kicks off the album and it combines several classic metal elements to create a song of high quality. Nothing that really tests any boundaries but there's a lot to appreciate with harmonising guitar sections and plenty of tremolo riffery. The second track stands out as a highlight for the album in terms of exposing Titan Eve's raw thrash capabilities. Again they put their own spin on things and structure the song excellently with many layers being built upon as the Titan cajoles between several genre varying forces. The song has plenty of force and brings a real emphatic feel to the album.

Titan's Eve don't claim to be technical maestro's of any sort and focus on producing well thought out and formatted metal. The gruff vocals of Brian Gamblin give extra bite to the material and each member of the band is given a decent platform to showcase their abilities. Every song has plenty of character and moments of righteous fulfillment as the tracks all tend to build toward this section where everything peaks and then breaks into a thunderous cacophony of highly reactant music. Titan's Eve appear to have everything planned out and there is such a tightness that is expressed through their music.

It's hard to point out any other song that stands out as a flagship track as each song fits in so organically and each song is substantial in its own right. The title track for the album serves as the longest song at seven minutes and may just steal the honor biscuit with a catchy and highly memorable mixture of potent riffery and strong vocals. Again its of such a sound structure and really helps highlight the strength and depth of quality in song writing abilities that the band possesses. Everything screams unity rather than competing forces and this may take a little of the excitement out of the album but it is more a positive feature than negative.

'The Grind' also is another stand out as the chorus "We give our lives for the grind , put on your boots be the next in line" is supported by a bouncing body of rhythm which earns that lauded sneer of approval when listening. The penultimate track 'Stranded' shows this gentler side to Titan's Eve. As a purely instrumental piece the song uses more classical instruments to accentuate the feeling and meaning behind the track. This is certainly one for the explorer at heart and adds a different approach before things return back to the normal mantra of fast 'n' heavy with the final track 'The Endless Light'.

The album closes strong just as it started and is a fitting climax to a solid album. It may not be the most outlandish album you'll ever hear but it is solid and has more working for it rather than detracting from it. Titan's Eve have a wealth of experience now in this industry and this comes off on the album. Full of speed and thought this album serves to be an excellent addition to their ever growing catalogue of modern metal. They may wish to push the boundaries a little further with their next release as 'Chasing the Devil' does come off as a rather safe album. Nothing wrong with that as it's all pretty enjoyable but there is definitely more to this band.

Review by Pete Mutant
Track Listing

1. We Defy
2. War Path
3. No Kingdom
4. Another Day
5. Chasing The Devil
6. The Grind
7. Stranded
8. The Endless Light


Jesse Hord - Bass/Backing Vocals
Casey Ory - Drums
Brian Gamblin - Lead Vocals / Guitar Kyle Gamblin - Vocals/Guitar

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